Panasonic’s new SoundSlayer gaming speaker goes around your neck

Panasonic has just revealed a new wearable gaming surround sound device – it’s called the SoundSlayer Speaker and is designed to be worn around your neck and shoulders.

The SoundSlayer Speaker (SC-GN01) can rest ergonomically around the back of your neck with speakers placed beneath your ears.

This means players won’t have to wear headphones which will ease the pressure on their ears and head when playing for hours on end.

The device delivers four-channel sound that will give the player the impression it’s coming from all directions and create an immersive soundscape while still allowing the user to be aware of their surroundings.

The SoundSlayer Speaker has the realistic and natural sound quality of a speaker system so they can enjoy the same quality as if they were wearing headphones but without the encumbrance of wearing something on their head.

“We know more Australian gamers are searching for ways to immerse themselves in the fast-growing video gaming community which has never been more accessible, due to the rise of online gaming and vlogging on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch,” says Aaron Waters, Product Marketing Manager – Imaging & Technics at Panasonic Australia.

“At the heart of every enjoyable video game experience is powerful and authentic sound and Panasonic is proud to support gamers with a rich audio experience and ultimate comfort via the SoundSlayer Speaker.”

The Panasonic speaker also contains noise and echo cancelling dual microphones for multiplayer games and makes it possible to chat with other players without interference from the sound of the speakers.

This feature also makes it easier for parents to monitor their child’s online gaming and chat.

The SoundSlayer Speaker comes with a 3m long USB cable and can be connected with USB and AUX.

Also onboard are three gaming modes which have been created in partnership with the Final Fantasy XIV online sound team so players can enjoy all types of gameplay and easily switch between genres like role-playing, first-person shooters and voice modes.

The SoundSlayer Speaker is available now via for $329.

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