Welt – the wellness belt that can keep track of your fitness and your waist line

Wellness devices come in all shapes and sizes as we discovered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – including a belt as we discovered with Welt – the wellness belt.

Welt, which has been backed by Samsung, looks like a regular belt and is used like a regular belt to hold your pants up.

But built inside the buckle is a health tracker they can keep an eye on your fitness and your health.

For a start, it’s in a great position to track your waist size and the built-in magnetic sensor can track it in real time and monitor your progress.

Welt can tell when your waist moves anywhere between 28 and 44 inches and can give you a gentle reminder to ease up on the food.

Abdominal fat is the result of excess calorie intake and can give you a heads up when it monitors patterns of overeating.

It is also an activity tracker and can keep count of all your steps and your calories burned.

The device can also track another health danger – the amount of time we spend sitting throughout the day.

Welt can also check your gait pattern and detect whether you are at risk of a fall. We’d be interested to see how this would work after the wearer has had a few drinks.

If you take a close look at the buckle, you can see a micro USB port which is where you charge the product.

And when it is fully topped up, uses get an amazing 20 days of battery life.

Welt also works with the Welt app so you can take a look at your personal health stats and receive insights and warnings so you can stay on track.

And while Welt is a health device, there is also an emphasis on style with customers having a choice on colours and buckles.

Choices will include burgundy, light brown, beige, black and blue.

Each belt is made individually with meticulous attention paid to design and the quality of materials.

Welt will also be available for women in beige and light brown and with a fashionable rounded buckle.

Welt is available now on Kickstarter at an early bird price of $US69.

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