Want the new iPad? BuyMyTronics wants to buy your old one

The new iPad goes on sale on Friday and there will be a few people looking to offload their old iPad to buy the new one. Website BuyMyTronics.com.au is offering up to $468 to take your old iPad off your hands.

The site, which launched in Australia last year, pays users for the old and even broken gadgets with a view to either re-use or recycle the devices responsibly.

With the new iPad due this week, BuyMyTronics.com.au can offer a reasonable trade-in price for your older iPad or any other device to offset the cost of the new purchase.

Simply type the name of the product you’re looking to trade – smartphone, tablet, laptop, digital camera, gaming console, MP3 player, monitor, desktop computer – into the BuyMyTronics.com.au search window to get your quote.

The price will be determined by the age and condition of the products and, once users agree on the amount, BuyMyTronics.com.au will send you a print label or a satchel so you can send in the product for free.

For those with old iPads they’d like to trade, BuyMyTronics.com.au offers prices for every iPad in every capacity and for wi-fi and 3G versions.

An iPad 2 64GB 3G + wi-fi in flawless condition with the original box and charger will be purchased by BuyMyTronics.com.au for $468.

Even the original entry level iPad 16GB wi-fi, which is almost two years old, will earn you $199.

Dave Parker, chief operating officer of BuyMyTronics.com.au, says he has seen a noticeable jump in enquiries since Apple unveiled the new iPad last week.

“We have definitely had a jump in submissions of both iPad 2 and the original iPad since the recent launch was announced,” Parker told Tech Guide.

“I imagine that it will continue as more and more people get their hands on the new devices.”


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