Top 10 tips to recycle your old gadgets in 2014

With Christmas now behind us and lots of new products purchased, it’s time to think about recycling those older computers, printers and TVs responsibly.

Consumer tech was extremely popular during the Christmas period according to retail industry analysts.

But the question being asked by TechCollect – a free national e-waste recycling service funded by over 60 of Australia’s leading technology importers and manufacturers – is what do we do with all of the old products?

“Australians love their technology. We have an insatiable appetite for innovation, which is great.  But we have to make sure it doesn’t come at a cost to our environment,” warns Carmel Dollisson, CEO of TechCollect. 

Here are TechCollect’s Top 10 recycling tips.

1. One in – two out. For every new piece of technology you bring in to your home commit to recycling two other older devices. There are a surprising number of older gadgets kicking around in drawers, cupboards and spare rooms.

2. Be sure to wipe your devices before recycling them so that none of your personal data is left on it.

3. Don’t just recycle the old gadgets – recycle the new device’s packaging as well. In 2012 there was more than 1.6m tonnes of packinging sent to Australian landfills.

4. Make recycle a regular activity. Circle a date on your calendar every month or several times a year to remind yourself to clear out your old gadgets especially after periods like Christmas or birthdays.

5. Get in touch with your local council to see if they will accept your e-waste and recycle it responsibly.

6. Reincarnation exists – with gadgets. Many of the components and materials on your old gadgets can be used again and could return in the form of jewellery, outdoor furniture or even plastic fence posts.

7. Take your old device to work. Business often have a recycling program to make it easier to collect old gadgets from employees. If your business doesn’t have a recycling problem – start one.

8. Don’t forget the cables – it’s not just gadgets you can recycle but also the cables so don’t get yourself tied in knots with a mass of old cables.

9. Hand it down. There are many people who update their devices quite frequently and their old devices are in still decent working order. These can be given to family or friends.

10. Lead by example and encourage your friends and family members to recycle their e-waste responsibly.

Check to find the nearest collection sites.

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