The top five features to look for when shopping for a home security camera

If you’re in the market for a security camera there are a lot to choose from and they all offer an array of different features, design and quality. So what exactly should you look for?

Leading home security brand Arlo has come up with the five things to look for when shopping for your first camera or your additional camera.

There are lot of different factors to consider when looking for the right security camera for your home.

Here are Arlo’s top five features to look for:

  1. Recording Clarity – FHD vs 2K vs 4K

Camera resolution and recording clarity are important so you get clear images, smooth footage and capturing finer details from a distance.

The more common security camera resolutions are FHD, 2K and 4K.

At the very least you should consider a camera with FHD (full high definition) clarity.

But recording clarity has improved over the years.

Arlo has launched its latest Essential range featuring 2K resolution setting a new benchmark for minimum clarity at an entry level price range.

For even better recording clarity, Arlo Ultra 2 with 4K resolution provides crisp, clean, and clear footage. 2K & 4K resolution enables you to zoom in and still maintain a higher level of clarity.

  1. Field of View – 130° to 180°

The field of view is the area a security camera can cover, influencing the overall effectiveness of surveillance.

Having a decent field of view is essential for ensuring comprehensive surveillance.

This is important especially in larger spaces or outdoor environments where multiple entry points or potential security risks may exist.

By capturing a wider area, security cameras with a generous FOV help monitor more effectively, detect suspicious activities, and respond promptly to potential threats.

Arlo’s cameras are designed with wide-angle lenses, offering expansive coverage ranging from 130° to 180°.

This wide field of view ensures no corner of your property goes unnoticed, providing in-depth surveillance even in large outdoor spaces or expansive indoor environments.

  1. Zoom – Tracking & Zoom Capabilities

Want to take closer look at your video? You can zoom in know the package you’ve been waiting for lands at your door.

Zoom is an important feature with security camera systems so users can focus on specific areas of interest and capture critical details.

Arlo offers up to 12x zoom and advanced zoom and tracking functionalities, enabling users to zoom in on subjects without sacrificing image quality.

  1. Audio – Full Duplex, Regular, Noise Cancelling

It’s not all about video. Audio is important as well and adds an extra layer of security to your surveillance system.

Good audio allows you to hear and communicate with individuals on your property.

Arlo’s cameras have two-way audio and noise-cancelling features.

The onboard full-duplex audio enables simultaneous two-way communication, allowing for seamless interactions with visitors or potential intruders.

Meanwhile, noise-cancelling technology helps filter out background noise for even clearer audio.

  1. Night Vision – B&W vs Colour

Many would argue that night surveillance is the most important reason to have a security camera.

Arlo cameras’ night vision capabilities offer clear imaging in low-light or night-time conditions and providing clear footage in both black and white and colour.

This dual-night vision capability ensures you can monitor your property with clarity, whether it’s monitoring your backyard, driveway, or entry points, enhancing your overall security measures.