The Future of 3D Printing: Model Creation with Vacuum Forming

The world of technology is incredibly advanced and continues to break boundaries as scientists and engineers discover more efficient, effective, and ideally more cost-effective methods of product production.

When it comes to the increasingly popular technique of 3D printing it is no different, only now it offers us another side to the production and manufacturing world that, what was once a mere idea, is now a perfected reality and this is where vacuum forming comes successfully into play.

The use of vacuum forming, and even more so with 3D printed molds, is a transformative application that can not only take your dream design or doodled prototype to the next level but have it made in a fraction of the time.  No more months of waiting for handmade prototypes to come to life, with 3D printing and vacuum forming technology, your next adventure and product will soon be lining the shelves or making waves in its respective industry. But first, let’s dive into what vacuum forming entails, an in-depth look at the positives it brings to the table, and how it is more than likely the solution you have been waiting for to manufacture and produce your new item or product without the hefty timeline.

What is vacuum forming and is it beneficial? 

When it comes to plastic thermoforming, vacuum forming is essentially the simplest version of this technique. 3D products or samples can be executed from plastic sheet material and are the perfect option for products that require precision forming on one side of the packaging only such as electronics the way they are packed or contoured food containers.

If you have been thinking of ways to cut production costs (aren’t we all) whilst maintaining and ideally increasing product production levels then this is the method for you. There are a whole host of advantages manufacturers are turning to vacuum forming for, and if you have been hesitant about taking the plunge, then let these top curated reasons show you just how beneficial vacuum forming technology is and what it can do for your business and brand.

The plus side you have been waiting for

Customization flexibility

There is nothing more frustrating or demotivating than seeing your intricately thought out product design on paper and then seeing a ‘version’ of it created by a mediocre machine that has left not only all the intricacies of your product that make it so bespoke out, but is nowhere near the original shape you had envisioned. With vacuum forming and in collaboration with 3D printing, you have the luxury of being as intricate and precise as you like and your product will be manufactured to your customization. No more compromising on your preferences, you can get exactly what you want.

Time efficient

As a fully automated operation with the machinery and design process relatively simple and easy to set up you can cut down hours of production time. Depending on the initial size of the product you can have a sample or the actual item manufactured in a matter of minutes, which is highly sought after when it comes to mass production of products that, as we all know, new items need to be on shelves as soon as possible.

Companies that offer quality manufacturing in 3D printing and vacuum molding as a whole, understand this and will (should) have your best interests in mind at all times. Always opt for quality over quantity when it comes to finding the right fit, and your final product will reflect this.


We could all use a helping hand when it comes to cutting back expenses when running and operating a brand and business, and vacuum forming is proving highly successful in that it more often than not offers a lower cost per unit when compared to generic printing techniques. It is truly revolutionizing the 3D printing world and fast becoming the game-changing element all businesses are implementing into their production lines.


Because of the excessively strong bond vacuum forming offers between the materials it has a higher impact resistance ratio when measured against other manufacturing techniques. This superior material is not only long-lasting but is usually created from recyclable materials making it environmentally friendly and economically conservative. It’s a win-win all around.

A final thought

Reducing waste and conserving resources are just the tip of the iceberg of benefits you can enjoy when integrating the future of manufacturing into your company which is 3D orienting and vacuum forming. Only now you can get things done quicker, it will cost you less, and the design you see on paper is what your reality becomes.