Peloton Guide offers a smart new way of accessing the popular exercise platform

You’ve probably already heard about Peloton – members ride an exercise bike or run on a treadmill and follow an exercise class. Today it has introduced a new device called Peloton Guide – its first connected strength product.

Peloton Guide is an AI-enabled camera that connects to your TV so it can see you and connect you to the world of Peloton, its numerous classes and its community.

Peloton has enjoyed success with its popular bike and treadmill and it has now created that same experience for strength training with the Peloton Guide

Tech Guide gave the unit a workout – literally.

We used a pair of Peloton hand weights, and a yoga mat but you can use your own equipment and take part in the many classes which vary in terms of length and focus on various body parts.

Peloton Guide uses AI to identify patterns and track movement and progress through the built-in camera on the unit which is designed to sit on top of your TV and connect via one of the HDMI ports.

Peloton Guide is also powered with the included USB-C cable and power adapter.

All you need is some space in front of the TV so you can enjoy a range of movement to use either your own body weight or dumbbells.

And of course, the device is connected to the Peloton platform through your home’s wi-fi connection.

You can also connect the Peloton heart rate monitor or set up the Peloton app on your iPhone to monitor your heart rate through Apple Watch.

The key feature on Peloton Guide is the movement tracker which encourages users to keep up with the movement for the entire period.

Classes compatible with movement tracker include a drop shaped indicator which gradually fills up as you complete the right number of movements in that part of the programme.

Users can see themselves through the camera and see a small square around them which indicates they are being tracked.

The camera can even track you and keep you in the middle of the frame as you move in front of the television.

The Peloton Guide is easy to connect and comes with a mount to make it rest either securely on top of your TV or on a flat surface below it.

The HDMI cable that connects the guide to the TV is also included with the device.

It’s easy to set up the unit and you were taken step by step through the process to establish movement tracking and voice control.

Part of the setup process is repeating phrases like “OK Peloton”, “OK Peloton pause the workout” and “OK Peloton, go back 30 seconds” so you have hands free control.

Peloton Guide also comes with a small remote control that allows you to navigate the home screen and choose your instructor or choose your workouts whether they are on demand or live classes with participants beaming in from around the world.

We took a few classes and noticed there were others participating in that on-demand class from all around the world including the UK and the US.

The instructors give clear and precise directions and do every exercise for us to follow.

We particularly liked the ability to put our camera right beside the instructor’s so we could view ourselves easily and make corrections and adjustments to our form to stay in line with what the instructor was doing.

Choosing a class can be done in a number of ways whether it’s by instructor, by exercise type, by body part or by length of time.

You may, for example, have only 30 minutes to squeeze in a class, so you’re able to see within seconds what 30-minute classes available to you.

And at the end of the class you can see all of your stats on your profile including the movements tracked, calories burned and achievements unlocked.

The Body Activity section also pointed out the exact muscles and muscle groups we worked that week.

The system can also recommend classes so you have a well-rounded complete body routine.

Peloton members also have full control over their privacy.

Peloton Guide has a panel that slides over to cover the camera and a physical switch to turn off the microphone.

Peloton Guide brings the Peloton community to an all-new user.

We’ve already seen the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread which include their own screens so members can follow the classes.

With Peloton Guide, you can turn the area in front of your TV into your very own gym and exercise studio.

Movement Tracker is a feature that can only be found on Peloton Guide, and it really gives you accountability because it is tracking your movements and ensuring you are completing the number of sets and exercises.

If you complete the movements, you get the credit but as long as you keep moving and are doing the correct exercise.

So if you are not doing the exercise and taking a breather, you’re not getting the credit and you’re not filling up the movement tracker drop to earn those credits.

The motivation here is to build up those credits and those scores so you can see and track your progress overtime.

Once the class is completed you may have even earned a badge or two for your efforts.

Peloton Guide starts at $445 and existing peloton all excess access members will be able to add to add guide to their membership at no extra cost.

Guide only customers can join the All Access Membership for the introductory price of $35 a month.

That introductory pricing will be available through 2022 and will move up to the standard price of $59 a month from January 2023.

All access membership offers pelotons live and on-demand library.

The Peloton Guide is available now.

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