OtterBox Edge Case protects your Apple Watch from daily bumps and scrapes

If you’ve got an Apple Watch you want to protect it right? Especially if you’re using it while exercising or in the outdoors or on a work site. And the way you can do that is with the OtterBox Apple Watch Edge Case.

Available in four colours – black, beet juice pink, lake mist blue, bright sun orange and summer sunset pink – the Apple Watch Edge Case can fit the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch Series 4, 5 and 6 and Apple Watch SE.

The protective case fit around the Apple Watch and has spaces so you can still access the digital crown, the side button and the speakers.

To install the case you need to remove the Apple Watch bands to fit it around the device.

There are gaps in the case, of course, to re-insert the Apple Watch bands again.

And it’s also still possible to charge the Apple Watch because the base is open to attach the magnetic charger.

Once attached to the Apple Watch, the Edge Case (which is made of tough polycarbonate and TPE) has solid bezels around the edge of the display to protect from any incidental bumps which could potentially crack the screen.

The Edge Case also protects the sides of the Apple Watch from slams and scrapes.

Having the OtterBox Apple Watch Edge Case on your Apple Watch offers a lot of peace of minds for users who want to protect their investment.

It’s like an insurance policy for your device and it only costs $29.95.