Oppo unveils prototype Air Glass 3 extended reality glasses that brings AI to your surroundings

Oppo has unveiled its prototype AR glasses – the Air Glass 3 – which can provide AI-powered experiences and information based on what you see around you along with relevant notifications and reminders.

Revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Air Glass 3 can feed images to the glasses via a tiny triple-colour micro projector that adjust to the brightness of your surroundings.

The device offers XR – extended reality – so users can see information, images and video through the glasses.

A light press of the temple of the Oppo Air Glass 3 will also activate an AI voice assistant.

They are lightweight at just 50g and look like a regular pair of glasses.

There are touch panels on each arm to navigate the device along with built-in speakers that aim the sound directly towards the user’s ear.

The Oppo Air Glass 3 can take over the many of the functions of your smartphone including answer calls, browsing images and playing back your media.

Other features planned for the device include a teleprompter, a translator as well providing clear navigation instructions.

And on the health and fitness side, the Air Glass 3 can also become your personal trainer and coach in a format we have never seen before.