New Arlo Ultra wire-free 4K UHD security camera offers protection and connection

Arlo has unveiled its next generation wire-free security system that will offer a whole new level of protection and connection for our homes and families.

Arlo Ultra, which will be available in Australia in early 2019, will offer 4K Ultra High Definition resolution, HDR (high dynamic range), colour night vision, dual noise-cancelling microphones and a 180-degree field of view.

And it’s all housed in a compact modular unit that’s still wire-free and weatherproof.

Security cameras are now more popular than ever and can provide peace of mind for customers.

In Australia a burglary occurs every three minutes with 2.5 per cent of households experiencing a break-in.

Australia ranks fifth for highest rates of burglary on average in the world with 75 per cent of break-in victims having property stolen or damaged.

And 82 per cent of home-owners never heard or saw anything at the time of the break-in.

Having a security camera like Arlo Ultra can be your eyes and ears 24/7 and provide intelligent notifications which can distinguish between people, pets, vehicles and even parcels sitting on your doorstep.

The Arlo Ultra’s 4K UHD resolution provides important additional detail that makes it possible to read number plates and see people’s faces clearly.

The cameras also allow up to 12x zoom.

Arlo Ultra has a 180-degree field of vision so it can monitor a wider area and also has de-warping to take out the fish-eye effect on the image.

Also onboard is a powerful LED light which will allow users to see colour in the dark instead of black and white night vision.

On the audio side, Arlo Ultra offers clearer conversations through the dual microphones which provide two-way audio with advanced noise cancellation to minimise background noise and focus on foreground audio like voices.

The camera can be installed inside or out using a redesigned magnetic mount so the device can be placed virtually anywhere.

It has a built-in siren which can be triggered by motion, audio detection or activated remotely from the Arlo app.

Arlo Ultra comes with a new Arlo SmartHub which also acts as a range extender to link to the cameras from your router.

The SmartHub also includes a microSD card slot for local storage of your captured video.

“Arlo Ultra pushes the boundaries of image and audio quality with an incredibly compact form factor that’s true to Arlo’s heritage of simple setup and ease-of-use, marking a massive leap forward in surveillance for the do-it-yourself smart home security market,” said Brad Little, Vice President and Managing Director, Arlo Technologies, APAC.

“Our new flagship wire-free camera represents major advancements in video, audio, software, AI, and computer vision capabilities. Arlo Ultra is a complete solution for users who desire the best possible protection for their home or business, as well as the most ideal experience for connecting remotely with loved ones for maximum peace of mind.”

Arlo also introduced a Smart Audio Doorbell which, when activated, sets up a VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) call to your smartphone.

And if you have an Arlo camera at your front door it will be automatically activated so you can get a live view at the same time.

The Arlo Ultra and Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell will be available in early 2019. Pricing and launch date are yet to be determined.