How the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can intelligently track your health and wellness

There has never been a better time to buy a smartwatch. These devices are getting smarter and more capable of tracking your health and wellness.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic boast a number of cutting-edge features that deliver great performance and, more importantly, even more ways to monitor health and wellness.

So here are the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic


There are two models in the Samsung Galaxy Watch series 4 – the streamlined Galaxy Watch 4 and the traditional Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Both have the same technology under the hood but offer different styles for the discerning customer. Sportier customers may be attracted to the minimalist and smaller look of the Galaxy Watch 4 while traditional watch fans may gravitate towards the timeless design of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.


The two devices in the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series are both running Wear OS which was developed by Samsung in partnership with Google.

There is now an even richer choice of apps from music streaming apps all the way through to the latest health and fitness apps.

What’s new here is the One UI watch – a layer on top of Google’s very own interface which provides a familiarity to Samsung customers because it’s similar to the UI on Samsung’s smartphones.

Galaxy Watch 4


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a bioactive sensor that can measure ECG (electrocardiogram) in real time.

Something that once required a trip to the doctor’s office, or a hospital can now be done right there on your wrist.

ECGs monitor for abnormal heart rates and rhythms.

With the Galaxy Watch 4 you simply hold a finger to one of the buttons on the right edge to record the ECG before being able to send that data straight to your Galaxy smartphone to then share with your doctor.


One in three people aged 18 or over have high blood pressure while two thirds of Australian adults who have high blood pressure don’t actually know it.

With Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, blood pressure can be tracked through the Samsung health monitor app on the Galaxy smartphone.

To calibrate the feature users need a traditional cuff reading before they can measure their blood pressure at any time using pulse wave analysis which is tracked through the heart right monitoring sensors.

This reading is measured against the calibration value and the blood pressure changes to determine the blood pressure.

To keep up the accuracy of the measurement, users must calibrate their device with a traditional cuff reading every 28 days.


To get the full benefit of exercise to reach our fitness goals, we first need to know our body composition.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has body composition analysis thanks to the Samsung bioactive sensor which works hand in hand with the fastest processor ever used on a Galaxy watch.

Now the device can offer readings on your body fat, skeletal muscle, body water, body mass index and much more.

These can provide valuable insights of your body composition and overall health as well as providing a wellness factor assessment.


Naturally the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can easily track your activities and fitness on the device itself and on your smartphone.

It can keep a tally of your steps and calories consumed as well as accurately track and support more than 90 exercises.

And you don’t even need to tell the watch what you’re doing because it can detect your physical activity whether it’s running, walking, swimming, rowing, cycling or using the elliptical trainer plus many, many more.

You can even challenge your friends and compete through a live message board which aggregates everybody’s activities.


Ever wanted to know how well you slept?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can tell you.

Through the Samsung health app, you can monitor your sleep patterns while wearing the Galaxy watch each night.

This includes heart rate monitoring and REM sleep recording, blood oxygen level monitoring and even snore detection which, when activated in the settings, can actually record your snoring through the microphone of your nearby paired smartphone.

When you wake up in the morning, you’ll be given a sleep score and a readout of how many hours you slept.

Users can now show this information to their doctor so they can suggest recommendations or changes.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 starts at $399. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Series 4 Classic starts at $499.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 provides the complete package for your health and fitness.

* This post was supported by Samsung

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