HOMELife Technology releases a range of products designed for older Australians

It’s hard to live your life without technology but it’s even harder for the older members of our community especially with the latest products that are targeted at younger customers. And that’s where HOMELife Technology comes in.

The company offers a range of devices that are designed for older users and carers.

These include the Connected Photo Frame, the Robin Day Clock, the Relish Radio/Music Player and the Flipper Big Button TV Remote.

HOMELife Technology’s mission statement is: “supply quality, easy to use products that enhance life, independence and personal wellbeing”.

HOMELife Technology was founded by of Paul Colley, who spent more than 20 years working for Sony and Samsung, and his wife – a specialist nurse in aged/community care.

In fact, HOMELife Technology was also inspired by Colley’s mother’s journey with dementia and the ways she can be supported and able to remain in her own home in a dignified way.

This combination of skills and experience was perfect to recognise the products that would appeal to older Australians.

This husband-and-wife team were able to identify the simple things that are often overlooked for people with special needs.

And this doesn’t include medical aids, fall detection and mobility products, but rather consumer technology designed to suit our aging population.

For example:

– Mr Chan doesn’t see his grandchildren anymore because they’ve moved interstate. If only they could send him photos that he could easily see, but he can no longer use a smartphone or computer.

– When I visit Bev, she’s sitting in complete silence because she can’t operate the radio anymore. She used to love listening to the radio. Why are the buttons on radios so small?

– Mrs Smith can’t watch her favourite TV shows anymore because the TV has become too complicated for her to use.

“These can be easy things to fix and could bring much joy to people’s lives, but they’re always overlooked by the big brands,” Colley says.

“It’s often forgotten that the race to all things “Smart Home” leaves many people behind.

“My job, then, is to consider these simple needs, seek out the best solution and make it readily available in Australia.

“My experience in the consumer electronics industry equips me well for this role. I must say, it’s the most satisfying role I’ve ever had.

“I’ve been involved in some of the biggest advancements in consumer electronics history (including many smart home devices), but launching a simple, easy to use radio, such as the Relish Radio, has brought me more joy than launching the most advanced Smart TV, because it helps people.”

Here are the products the HOMELife Technology has introduced to the Australian market.

CONNECTED DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME – $179 (8-inch), $219 (10.1-inch)

Available in 10.1-inch and 8-inch sizes, the Digital Photo Frame allows you to send images to the frame via an app from anywhere.

It’s an amazing way to stay connected and up to date with special family moments without the need for a computer, smartphone or tablet and without a social media account.

Not everyone is on Instagram and Facebook, including grandparents, so rather than missing out on what’s posted, the same family images that might have been shared online can be sent to the Digital Photo Frame (with messages if you want) remotely from the companion app.

There is 16GB internal storage which is enough space for thousands of images.

And, of course, it’s super easy to set-up and connect to wi-fi.

THE ROBIN DAY CLOCK – $159 (8-inch), $349 (12-inch), $399 (15-inch)

The Robin Day Clock is designed to help loved ones stay oriented in their home and provide reminders to take medication and for appointments.

The large clear screen, available in 8-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch, is sharp and easy to read and has audible time announcements for those with vision impairment.


Staying connected and entertained is important for anyone – especially older customers who enjoy music and the radio as their entertainment or their companion.

The Relish Radio has large assignable buttons and scribble strips to clearly identify each of the channels.

You can also connect a USB stick with music and play the contents through the speaker.


The Flipper Remote is a universal remote with big easy-to-read tactile buttons. The latest smart TVs have lots of features and shortcuts but the Flipper Remote can put the essential features at your fingertips.

It also works with Foxtel iQ and Fetch TV set top boxes.

All of these products are available now from www.homelifetech.com.au.

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