Heatsbox GO can heat itself up so you can enjoy a hot meal anywhere

Imagine if you can heat up some food without an oven or a microwave. Well, imagine no more – the IQU Group has released the Heatsbox GO – a new lightweight appliance that can heat up your meal in a matter of minutes.

The Heatsbox GO has a leakproof design and  is the same size as a regular lunchbox and includes an integrated heating element at up to 100W of power with temperature control that can be managed from the companion app.

Engineered and patented in Switzerland, the self-contained Heatsbox GO can heat your meal in between 15 and 25 minutes.

The heat is distributed throughout the dish consistently like a microwave so your food is cooked evenly.

Heatsbox GO is ideal for anyone who wants to eat a hot meal but who doesn’t have access to a microwave.

It is ideal for tradies on building sites, campers and other people working outside or in remote areas who don’t have access to a kitchen or staff room at meal times.

The inner dish can fit up to 925ml or up to 600g of food and is powered by its own internal rechargeable battery.

The Heatsbox GO can be controlled via the Heatsbox app which allows users to control the temperature and cooking time and even schedule the heating so your meal is ready to eat when you want it.

Users can also use the Heatsbox GO without the app.

All they need to do is simply press the button on the device until it turns red – and when the button changes colour to green the meal is ready to eat.

The default temperature is 80 degrees Celsius.

The internal battery can be recharged with a USB-C cable either from a power point if you have access to one or with the same portable powerbank that you would use to charge your smartphone on the go.

Heatsbox GO has a lid and base cover for the dish so it can be held safely and without being burned.

The inner dish is also removeable for easy meal preparation and cleaning.

The Heatsbox GO is available now from Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi and other selected retailer and is priced at $199.