Arlo reaches 3 million paid subscriptions as demand for home security systems grow

Arlo has crossed the 3 million mark for paid subscriptions which showcases the growth of the ecosystem and the increasing demand for home security in Australia and around the world.
Arlo Secure subscription plans start at $4.95 per month and offer up to 30 days of 4K recording stored in the cloud on Arlo’s SmartCloud platform, smart notifications, object detection, smart zones and priority care and support on all plans.

“Arlo launched the first consumer AI subscription in June of 2018, revolutionising the security market and foretelling the incredible value the technology can create for users across many industries,” says Matthew McRae, Chief Executive Officer of Arlo.

“The 3 million subscriber milestone, which came earlier than expectations, is a testament to the true user benefits of our plans and the overall power of our service business.

“Arlo’s innovation will continue as we roll out numerous exciting new features and AI capabilities over the course of this year that will drive further subscriptions and continue our position as the true leader in the market.”

Arlo Secure, Secure Plus and Safe & Secure Pro subscriptions include:

 – 4K Cloud-based Video Recording (All plans) – View 30 days of recordings securely stored on Arlo’s SmartCloud platform for ultimate peace of mind and protection even if the device is damaged or stolen in a break-in, storm, or other physical incident.

Smart Interactive Notifications (All plans) – Users can take quicker action by responding to rich notifications or viewing an animated preview of a video through the lock screen on their smartphone or other smart device.

Advanced Object Detection with AI (All plans) – Arlo processes and filters 50 million events each day through advanced object detection backed by visual artificial intelligence, allowing for better recognition of people, packages, vehicles, and animals to add key context to notifications and reduce unwanted alerts.

Smart Activity Zones (All plans) – Users can reduce unwanted notifications by highlighting specific areas on their property where they want motion to be detected, eliminating notifications from irrelevant movement such as tree branches or vehicle traffic on the street.

Priority Care & Support (All plans) – Subscribers get priority technical support through the in-app Help Center with omnichannel access to phone, chat, community, or self-help articles.