Apple Watch goes on sale today – what you need to do to buy one.

The Apple Watch goes on sale today with Australia the first country in the world to receive them ahead of the US thanks to the time difference.

But if you’re thinking about walking in to buy one in an Apple Store today, you’ll be disappointed.

Stock has been sold out during the two-week pre-order period.

As a result there was no line of eager customers outside the store as we usually see with iPhone and iPad launches.

If you walked into a store today to buy an Apple Watch you’ll be directed by staff to one of the many computers to place your order online.

And if you do order an Apple Watch today you’re not going to receive it until June according to the Apple Australia website.

There were no lines outside the Apple Store today as all pre-order stock was sold out

Customers need to have an iPhone 5 or later to use the Apple Watch.

There are three versions of Apple Watch – Apple Watch (made from stainless steel, Apple Watch Sport (made from anodised aluminium) and Apple Watch Edition (made from 18 carat gold).

Pre-orders made today will not be delivered until June

These are available in two sizes – 38mm and 42mm and six different watchband styles.

Stay tuned for our complete review on Tech Guide in the coming days.

The Apple Watch packaging


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