Apple unveils updated iPad Pro, iPad Air and a new Apple Pencil Pro

Apple has announced a new range of iPad Air, iPad Pro modes with new designs and improved performance as well as an upgraded Apple Pencil Pro with a range of new capabilities.

This is the biggest iPad update since the revolutionary device was introduced in January 2010.

These are also the first new iPad releases since October 2022.


The new iPad Pro has had a major upgrade with a new design, new screen technology and an even faster processor.

It is available in 11-inch and 13-inch models and will go on sale on May 15.

On the design side, iPad Pro is made of anodised aluminium and is just 5.3mm (11-inch) and 5.1mm (13-inch) and available in silver and space black.

To give you an idea just how thin the new iPad Pros are – they are actually thinner than the tiny iPad Nano.

It is the thinnest product Apple has ever produced.

iPad Pro has an all-new Ultra Retina XDR display which is made up of two OLED panels – called Tandem OLED – to offer even greater full screen brightness up to 1000 nits and 1600 nits of peak HDR brightness.

There will also be a Nano Texture glass option so there is less glare.

The new iPad Pro has also skipped from M2 to an all-new M4 chip which is built on second generation 3-nanometer technology with even more power efficiency.

The iPad Pro’s M4 chip also enables several new AI features including isolating a subject from its background in 4K video.

The iPad Pro can also run more powerful apps including Logic Pro for iPad 2 and Final Cut Pro for iPad 2 with even more powerful editing features and capabilities.

Another new feature is Final Cut Camera which can work as a standalone switcher and capture app from up to four connected iPhones.

There are also a range of new accessories for the iPad Pro including a new Magic Keyboard (from $469) and Smart Folio (from $129).


iPad Pro 11-inch Wi-Fi only is priced at $1,699 (256GB), $2,049 (512GB), $2,749 (1TB) and $3,449 (2TB).

iPad Pro 11-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular is priced at $2,049 (256GB), $2,399 (512GB), $3,099 (1TB) and $3,799 (2TB).

iPad Pro 13-inch Wi-Fi only is priced at $2,199 (256GB), $2,549 (512GB), $3,249 (1TB) and $3,949 (2TB).

iPad Pro 13-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular is priced at $2,549 (256GB), $2,899 (512GB), $3,599 (1TB) and $4,299 (2TB).


iPad Air has been upgraded and now available for the first time in two sizes with 11-inch and 13-inch Retina Displays.

The new iPad Air models will go on sale on May 15.

iPad Air is powered by the M2 chip which makes it 50 per cent faster than the previous model.

Apple has repositioned the front-facing 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera on the longer landscape edge for even better Facetime calls and other video calls on other apps.

iPad Air also comes in a new purple and new blue colours as well as starlight and space grey.

It also has faster with WiFi 6E compatibility, and the cellular model connects over 5G.

iPad Air works with the current Magic Keyboard which includes a trackpad, backlight keys and impressive floating design.

Apple Pencil Pro can also be used with the iPad Air along with the regular Apple Pencil.


iPad Air 11-inch Wi-Fi only is priced at $999 (128GB), $1,179 (256GB), $1,529 (512GB) and $1,879 (1TB).

iPad Air 11-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular is priced at $1249 (128GB), $1,429 (256GB), $1,779 (512GB) and $2,129 (1TB).

iPad Air 13-inch Wi-Fi only is priced at $1,299 (128GB), $1,479 (256GB), $1,829 (512GB) and $2,179 (1TB).

iPad Air 13-inch Wi-Fi + Cellular is priced at $1,549 (128GB), $1,729 (256GB), $2,079 (512GB) and $2,429 (1TB).


Apple Pencil has become even more versatile with the introduction of the Apple Pencil Pro which includes a new sensor to enable a new squeeze function.

One squeeze of the Apple Pencil Pro the user will feel haptic feedback and bring up a tool palette to offer a quick switch between tools, line weights and colours.

The onboard gyroscope also allows users to roll Apple Pencil to change the orientation of the shaped pen and brush tools.

The Apple Pencil Pro is priced at $219.