All your questions from Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 answered

After the announcements of Apple Intelligence and updates to iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS Sequoia at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference we’ve had a lot of questions. Here are all the answers.

Through comments on our posts, emails from readers and our TV and radio interviews we have had plenty of interesting questions.

So we did some digging and found the answers.

Is Apple Intelligence really private?

Yes, it is. Apple has been at the forefront when it comes to customer privacy and Apple Intelligence is no different. Most of the processing for Apple Intelligence happens on the device so your data is protected. But for those times when more complex calculation is required your device will ask, with your permission if it can send the query to ChatGPT. To maintain privacy Apple has developed Private Cloud Compute to certify that any server used meets the privacy requirements and that no data is retained, the data is shared anonymously and that ChatGPT can’t learn from your data or query.

What devices will work with Apple Intelligence?

Apple Intelligence will work with iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max and any iPad or Mac or MacBook with an M series chip. The entire list is:

– Phone 15 Pro Max – A17 Pro chip

– iPhone 15 Pro A17 Pro chip

– iPad Pro M1 chip and later

– iPad Air M1 chip and later

– MacBook Air M1 chip and later

– MacBook Pro M1 chip and later

– iMac M1 chip and later

– Mac mini M1 chip and later

– Mac Studio M1 Max chip and later

– Mac Pro M2 Ultra chip

What about older iPhones?

Apple Intelligence won’t work because on older iPhones, Macs and iPads without the above chips because they don’t have the power for on-device processing that Apple Intelligence requires.

But these older devices can run ChatGPT. When Siri accesses ChatGPT that will only work on a device that can run Apple Intelligence.

Who owns the rights to images created with Apple Intelligence?

You do. There is no copyright or usage issues because you generated the images so it will be considered your work. If we created an image to illustrate an article with Apple Intelligence and published it on Tech Guide – we own the rights to that image and are free to use it as we please.

How will RCS improve the messaging experience?

RCS (rich communication services) will offer the most benefit when messaging between iPhone and Android users. Now you will be able to see read receipts and when the other person is typing. RCS will also allow Android users to be included in a group text initiated from iMessage.

How does the Passwords app work?

The new Passwords app puts all account passwords, passkeys, Wi-Fi passwords, and two-factor authentication codes that are already stored securely in Keychain in one place. The app also allows users import information from other passwords managers like Dashlane and LastPass. Information can also be exported from the Passwords app to these other password manager apps.  The app will also warn you if a password has appeared in a leak or if it has been used multiple times.

Why would I want to hide an app?

Our phones carry a lot of sensitive information that you don’t want others to see. If you hand off your phone to someone it’s possible that might come across an app or a notification you didn’t want them to see. We were asked in some of our interviews if this was so cheating partners can hide the Tinder or Ashley Madison and other dating apps. Sure, they could do that but what Apple had in mind when it introduced this was so customers could hide things like medical information and related apps and other sensitive health and security information. The hidden apps are kept in a hidden apps folder that will be on everyone’s phone so there is no telling what apps anyone is hiding. When the user unlocks the folder the hidden apps appear.

The iPad never had a calculator till now?

Yes – we think Apple assumed you would use the calculator on the iPhone. Apple has finally added the basic and scientific calculator to the iPad to make it easy to make calculations and unit conversions.

Was there any hardware announced at WWDC 2024?

No – it is the first time since 2021 when no new products or updates have been announced and other years have just had chip announcements. Last year’s WWDC introduced the Vision Pro.

When is the Vision Pro coming to Australia?

Apple’s Vision Pro will go on sale in Australia on July 12 with pre-order starting on June 28 at 10pm.

How much will the Vision Pro and accessories cost in Australia?

Vision Pro is priced from $5,999 (256GB), $6,349 (512GB) and $6,699 (1TB).

ZEISS Optical Inserts for readers will be available for $169 and ZEISS Optical Inserts for Prescription will be available for $249.

The Apple Vision Pro Travel Case will be available for $349 and AppleCare+ for Apple Vision Pro will be $849.

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Cupertino for the Worldwide Developers Conference as a guest of Apple