Listen to our brand new podcast – Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars – Episode 1 is out now

The popular team behind the hit podcast Two Blokes Taking Tech – Tech Guide editor Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long – have launched a brand new show – Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars.

And you can hear Episode 1 right now.

Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars offers the well-known brand of expertise, enthusiasm and friendly banter to provides news, discussion and in-depth reviews on EVs.

Stephen and Trevor are both passionate EV drivers themselves and they will be using their knowledge and experience to educate and inform anyone thinking of buying an electric car or someone who has just purchased their first EV.

Beyond the technical specs and driving impressions, the podcast delves into broader EV-related topics, including:

– The latest industry trends and developments

– Charging infrastructure and potential roadblocks

– Sustainability and environmental impact

– EV ownership experiences and tips for potential buyers

– A look at the new EVs as they come to market.,

On the first episode, we talk about the new Polestar 4, Tesla is planning to release an affordable Model 2, what to consider before buying an EV, how to plan a trip with an EV and we take a look at the MG4 XPower.

You can listen or the watch show right here on Tech Guide site using the audio player below or by pressing play on the YouTube player.