Buckle up for the latest episode of Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars – The EV podcast

Buckle up and take a listen to the latest episode of the popular show Two Blokes Talking Electric Cars – The EV Podcast with Tech Guide’s Stephen Fenech and EFTM’s Trevor Long.

This week, Stephen and Trevor talk about to more EV owners and potential owners including Adam who has a BYD and loves it, but he has some feedback for the brand. Liam is in the market and is thinking second hand, this man is doing his research and Chris is one of the first Porsche Taycan owners in Australia – does he have any regrets?

If you’ve got a question about EVs or you want to talk to and be part of the show you send us a text message or get in touch on WhatsApp on 0477 657 657

You can listen or the watch show right here on Tech Guide site using the audio player below or by pressing play on the YouTube player.