Energizer Vision LED Headlights let you work hands-free with plenty of light

If there is a job you need to do that requires you to have both hands free and plenty of light at the same time then you need an Energizer Vision LED Headlight which is now brighter than ever before

The Energizer Vision LED Headlights are available in four versions –  Vision (80 lumens), Vision HD (150 lumens), Vision HD+ (200 lumens) and the Vision HD+ Focus (250 lumens).

They each come with a wide adjustable elastic non-slip headband which makes them comfortable to wear even for extended periods.

The unit itself is also lightweight so it’s not going to be an effort to wear it.

What they all have in common is a pivoting head so the light beam can be angled down if required and a shatterproof lens.

The top three out of the four Energizer Vision LED Headlights are also weatherproof IPX4.

They’re handy for your own tasks and work but they can also be used by cyclists, while fishing, hiking and camping.

For our review, we used the Energizer Vision LED Headlight when we needed to retrieve something from our dark storage area under our stairs.

It was also really useful to head out to our shed at night which didn’t have a light of its own.

And when we were connecting different sources to our home theatre equipment cabinet it also came in handy instead of having to hold a torch in our mouth.

The Energizer Vision 80 lumens has two light modes – high and low – with a maximum beam distance of 30m and a runtime of about 50 hours.

Moving up to the Energizer Vision HD 150 lumens the beam is dimmable with three light modes – full (dimmable), spot to illuminate a small area or flood to light up a wider area. Beam distance goes up to 40m with this model.

The 200 lumens Energizer Vision HD+ has a 70m beam distance and four light modes – white full, white spot, white flood and red.

The Energizer Vision HD+ Focus has a brightness of 250 lumens with three light modes – white high, white low and red night vision.

But what this headlight also includes is digital focus so you can focus or expand the beam with a touch of a button.


Users can press and hold the left button to go from spotlight to flood light and vice versa.

And when you turn the light back on again it will also return to the last focus setting you used.

Each of the Energizer Vision LED Headlights come with three Energizer AAA batteries so it will work right out of the packaging.

They are available now and priced at $19.99 for the Vision (80 lumens), $24.99 for the Vision HD (150 lumens), $37.99 for the Vision HD+ (200 lumens) and $48.99 for the Vision HD+ Focus (250 lumens.

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