Ecovacs has a new robotic cleaner – this time for your windows

Ecovacs Robotics, the company whose technology vacuumed your carpet and mopped your floor, has just unveiled its latest innovation – the cordless WINBOT X –  which can now clean your windows.

The product was unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show and was an Innovation Award Honouree winner.

The cordless WINBOT X is a first of its kind device and can move freely along windows  inside and out regardless of its proximity to a power source.

It has a four-step cleaning process which allows the WINBOT X to adapt itself to the window and move around safely while cleaning.

“The WINBOT X represents the next evolution in window cleaning technology. By removing the power cord, the robot is able to move freely across the surface it is cleaning, regardless of whether or not the window has a frame,” said David Qian, President of the International Business Unit at ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

Thanks to its wireless movement the WINBOT X can clean a larger window in a single sweep and also operate on higher windows.

The unit will determine the best path to use across the glass to produce the best cleaning result without being trapped.

It has a multistage cleaning process which includes a deep clean mode to move over the surface twice while advanced fan and edge detection technology ensures the glass is completely cleaned.

WINBOT 4 also uses as safe tether system to ensure the unit will not be harmed if it detaches from the glass.

In the event of an issue, the unit will sound a warning and the tether will retract.

The WINBOT 4 is the latest product from Ecovacs Robotics after its launch into the Australian market with the release of the Deebot OZMO 930 robotic vacuum.

“Our goal with the OZMO series of robotic vacuums is to address some of the most common frustrations consumers have with their floor cleaning robots, like the inability to clean both hard surfaces and carpets, and not mopping effectively” said David Qian.

“These intelligent robots deliver the latest technology to market and the best value to our owners, all while safeguarding user data.”

* Stephen Fenech travelled to Las Vegas as a guest of LG

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