Australians make the winners list at iPhone Photography Awards

Three Australians are among the winners of the 12th annual iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) which recognises the best images captured in several categories with Apple’s iPhone.

The winners were selected from thousands of entries from more 140 countries in a number of categories including: abstract, animals, architecture, children, floral, landscape, lifestyle, nature, news events, other, panorama, people, portrait, series, still life, sunset, travel and trees.

Sari Sutton from Canberra won first place in the Other Category with an image captured on her iPhone X.


Sari Sutton’s iPhone X image – First place in Other Category


Christian Horgan from Fremantle in Western Australia ranked second in the Portrait Category with a shot from his iPhone X.

Christian Horgan’s iPhone X image – second place in Portrait Category

Neil Bennett from Sydney also placed second in the Trees Category also shot with an iPhone X.

Neil Bennett’s iPhone X image – Second place in Trees Category

The grand prize and Photographer of the Year award went to Gabriella Cigliano from Italy.

First, second and third place photographers of the year were Diogo Lane from Portugal, Yuliya Ibraeva from Russia and Pend Hao from China respectively.

The grand prize winning iPhone photo by Gabriella Cigliano

“The 2019 entries were off the charts a great. Astounding work that pulls the planet together through photographs,” said jury member Cary Hazelgrove.

First in Panorama category – Vincent Chen

One of the winners, Christian Horgan, has shared his top five tips and tricks on how to capture the best images with your iPhone

– Look for interesting angles to find a fresh perspective – this can make the ordinary look extraordinary!

– Experiment with cropping, applying different filters or adjusting the light or colour when editing your photos to change the way you look at a subject.

Second place in People Category – Christine L Mace

– Try shooting with 2x Optical Zoom to focus on fine details and close ups to tell a different story.

– Background selection in a photo can make all the difference to add extra interest. Experiment with backgrounds that compliment and contrast subjects in the foreground.

First in the Sunset Category – Sreekumar Krishnan

– Switch on the camera grid to help compose your photos. Keep in mind that photos look great if you position your subject off-centre.

You can see all the winning entries here.

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