Customers targeted by scam AGL Energy emails at risk of ransomware

There are increasing reports of emails that appear to be sent from AGL Energy but are in fact scam messages that can install malicious software on your computer and hold your files to ransom.

Tech Guide has been contacted by several readers in the last 24 hours about these bogus emails which claim to contain your latest bill.

The messages have links to pay the bill or to see the details and if a person clicks on any of them the email will attempt to install ransomware.

Users who don’t have up-to-date internet security software and a backup of all their files run the risk of losing everything including photos, videos and important documents.

The next move from hackers is to demand money to release your files.

With a secure backup of your files you can simply wipe your computer and restore your data.

But if you don’t have a backup, you’re at the hacker’s mercy and are a good chance of never seeing your files ever again.

An example of the scam AGL email

Anyone who receives an email purporting to be from AGL are advised treat it with caution.

Usually these emails have no personal references like your name or address so if you are actually an AGL customer and don’t see these, delete it and block the sender.

Another example of a scam AGL email

If you’re not an AGL customer, then you know it’s a scam.

Anyone with concerns should contact AGL on 131 245 or go to or call them 1300 795 995.




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  • Ann

    Hi Steven.

    I get Energy Australia bills by email now, cause they started charging $2 to post one. So this is a worry.