Why your workplace will be looking a lot different in 2022

The workplace in 2022 he’s going to look a lot different according to research conducted by Logitech with people opting for a hybrid work policy and more tools to enable remote collaboration.

Working from home is definitely here to stay so workplaces will be introducing policies to allow employees to mix workdays where they come back to the office or work from home.

The research was undertaken in co-operation with YouGov and surveyed 1120 Australian office workers aged 18 and over in May and June 2021.

This seismic shift in the workplace experience has been led by employee demand.

The research uncovered key areas Including renumeration, work-life balance and technology to improve productivity.

The study showed that a job in 2022 is not just about money, it’s also about lifestyle.

Being able to work from home is now seen as a perk and employees are keen to hang on to this.

In fact, 42 per cent of Australians admit they’d rather work from home than receive a pay rise.

The other benefit for employees is being able to look for opportunities without being restricted by their geographical location.

For years we’ve heard about employees wanting to maintain a work life balance.

One upside of the pandemic has been the ability to work from home using video conferencing applications.

This has saved travel time to work and to client meetings with 44 per cent saying it has provided a greater work-life balance.

And 40 per cent of Australians also claimed to have become more active during the lockdowns thanks to the extra time they saved from not commuting and not having in-person meetings.

Working more flexibly has also allowed Australians to spend more time on the hobbies and interests.

But more than half of the people surveyed by Logitech said their company hadn’t invested in the technology to make them more productive while working from home.

In the research, 52 per cent of employees said their video conferencing sessions could have been more effective with new technology and would be a requirement to transition the workforce to a new hybrid environment.

“HR and IT need to be working together to ensure people continue to be productive and collaborate together,” says Logitech Head of B2B ANZ, Sean Byrne.

“In 2022 businesses will need to start planning and building flexible work practices into their strategies and operations.

“Not only will it save them if we are hit with anything of this magnitude again, but they’ll be in a better position to manage a collaborative and productive home work force.

“There is absolutely no denying the workplace is evolving, and it’s exciting to think of what opportunities that brings about for companies.

Across a broad cross section of industries and job roles, we can foresee a massive expansion of talent pools because we don’t need to recruit staff that are living within an hour from the head office or consider complex and costly relocations.

We’re in a much better position to be attracting and retaining amazing talent by giving them the flexibility to work where they choose to.”

The Logi Dock

Logitech has created several products based on user-centric design.

Earlier this year it released the Logi Doc which allows users to declutter their personal workspace in both their office and work from home environments.

This device allows users to work freely and connect their devices and peripherals into one station.

The Logi Dock

Logi Dock also includes calendar integration and a one touch to join button so you can easily start and end video conference meetings.

There are other controls that allow you to easily turn the camera on and off, mute your audio and adjust your volume while being able to instantly see your meeting status.

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