Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is probably one of the most despised phrases among the workforce nowadays. People usually associate spying, control, and a lack of trust with this unpopular practice. They have solid reasons to feel this way if their managers monitor their daily activities secretly.

The statistics showed that over 70% of American workers stated that they would leave their jobs if they found out that their bosses monitored them without letting them know.

On the other hand, if your boss presents the employee monitoring idea in an honest and open way, this means they intend to use employee monitoring for all the right reasons. Furthermore,  you’ll be able to find out more about this increasingly popular practice that will make you see employee monitoring in a more positive light. 

If you don’t believe that employee monitoring done right can be beneficial for you in the long run, keep reading. We’ll try to show you the good sides of employee monitoring, shedding all your fears and doubts about it. But let’s first focus on the way your manager intends to use monitoring software for employees.

The Importance of Clear Employee Monitoring Policy

Once your manager informs you about starting the monitoring activities, you should work together on devising a detailed, transparent employee monitoring policy that will contain answers to burning questions like:

  • What is going to be monitored?
  • Is it going to be limited to work hours?
  • How do managers intend to use the monitoring data?

If managers want to get insight into activities on company computers during work hours only to boost productivity and team performance, you should be at ease about the entire process. In this way, you’ll know that they won’t pry into your private life, controlling your every move.


Now that you are at ease with deploying the productivity and time tracker in your company, let’s focus on the significant benefits that you can get from employee monitoring. Even though this may be in stark contrast with everything you’ve heard about employee monitoring, it can lead to boosted motivation and engagement at work. 

The fact is that when you have access to your track record data, you may get invaluable information about your workflow. For example, you may see how effective you were on specific tasks and revel in your achievements. You’ll, also, be able to spot all the things you can improve to become even more productive. This chance to see and measure your progress and productivity on the spot may boost your motivation to keep up the good work, improving your performance every day.

Time Management

The fact is that employees tend to struggle with the organization of their workload. Fortunately, this is something you can learn and improve over time, and an efficient PC activity monitoring tool can be of great help. Namely, data collected via a computer activity tracker will show you how your productivity fluctuates during the day and what tasks you spend most of your time on. By combining this information, you can improve your productivity and time management by reorganizing your workflow accordingly. 

Simply put, if you are most productive in the morning, you can use this time to tackle time-consuming tasks that require deep focus, leaving the simpler ones for later.  This practice will lead to improved time management and seamless workflow.


Most employees prefer getting frequent, detailed, and updated performance evaluations so that they can get instant gratification for their work. If you belong to this group of people, you’d be happy to know that managers can use employee monitoring data to give you unbiased feedback in real-time, focusing on your strong sides and weaknesses.

In this way, you can expect a deserved reward for your excellent performance, meaning that you can ask for that long-awaited pay raise or promotion. On the other hand, your manager may offer guidance or tips on how to overcome the issues you’re struggling with to achieve set goals and meet deadlines.

We know that employee monitoring is a controversial topic that provokes various strong reactions. However, employee monitoring software can offer invaluable data to boost productivity, motivation, and performance only if it’s used transparently and ethically.

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