Here are the tips to use Zoom securely for your video meetings

Since the coronavirus pandemic, most people have flooded to platforms like Zoom for their video meetings but the rapid adoption has uncovered security concerns. Here are some tips to use Zoom securely.

Zoom boss Eric Yuan recently admitted the massive spike in users – 10 million in December to more than 200 million in March – has exposed some weaknesses in privacy and security.

These issues have since been addressed but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions and protect yourself.

Jacqueline Jayne from security awareness resource KnowBe4 says there are lots of thing we can do to stay safe while using Zoom.

“With Zoom, as it is with many new applications, it gets rolled out to people without a second thought in relation to best practice or secure behaviours,” Ms Jayne said.

“Everyone enjoyed the ease of use with Zoom.  Then there were issues with Zoombombing. Why? Curiosity reigns supreme with naughty people and the 2020 version of prank calling.

“Instead of zooming away, take a breath and spend a few minutes to educate yourself and make Zoom secure.  All the settings are there.

Here are 9 things you can do to secure your Zoom events which will take you a few minutes in settings:

1 – Only use the official Zoom website and app.

2 – Require a Meeting Password when you are meeting with specific attendees.

3 – Don’t use your Personal Meeting URL – always use a unique URL.

4 – Use the Waiting Room and only allow people you are expecting.

5 – Make Attendees Provide Full Names.

6 – Disable Video and Mute Attendees.

7 – Disable Screen Sharing.

8 – Lock the Meeting once everyone has joined.

9 – Keep Zoom updated with fixes for the latest security updates.

“Zoom has already made changes to its user interface and display,” Jayne says.

“These improvements include making security features easily accessible, such as locking the meeting, enabling a waiting room, removing participants, and restricting participants’ access.”

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