Telstra and Optus now offering iPad Mini 4G on a plan

The 4G iPad Mini is now available on a plan through Telstra and Optus with plans starting at $41 per month on a two-year plan that includes 1GB of data.

Apple’s latest iPad Mini was only released in a wi-fi version when it was launched on November 2 with many customers hanging back for the 4G version.

But rather than paying for the device outright and then buying a pre-paid sim, customers can now purchase the iPad Mini 4G in the same way they would a smartphone on a contract.

Telstra and Optus have begun offering the device on their plans from today.

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Telstra and Optus plans start at $41 a month for the 16GB wi-fi + cellular model with Telstra offering 1GB of data on that plan while Optus is offering 2GB.

Telstra iPad Mini plans can be found here.

Optus iPad Mini plans can be viewed here.

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