Show your MacBook some love with the BookArc Flex – and get space back on your desktop

If you own a MacBook you want to use it effectively and look after it at the same time and one way you can do that is the with the new BookArc Flex from TwelveSouth – it’s a vertical stand for your laptop.

It might sound like a simple product, but it can be impressively useful to save desktop space and keep your MacBook in view and to store it safely.

The BookArc is beautifully designed and can cradle your MacBook (or any other laptop that’s less than 2.5cm thick).

So why would you need the BookArc Flex?

First up you can free up a lot of desktop space if you are using the laptop and connecting it to a monitor.

Having your MacBook inside the BookArc Flex would allow you to make room for a full size keyboard and mouse and offer more room for that monitor to make it a more comfortable work environment.

You can place your MacBook on its side or on its end inside the BookArc Flex to free up space and you can even slide it in behind your monitor to save even more space.

And when it’s time to go simply unplug the MacBook and take it out of the stand.

The big benefit of the BookArc Flex is allowing you to focus on one large display for the times you need to edit a video, write a document or get into oh spreadsheet.

What many users don’t know is that you’re able to use your MacBook in Closed Display Mode which means you can still see your MacBook desktop on a large monitor even when it’s closed and sitting inside the BookArc Flex.

This is also known as Clamshell Mode.

The BookArc Flex can handle most laptops with screens up to 16-inch and less than 2.5 centimetres thick.

The BookArc Flex is available now in black and white for $79.95. There is also a Chrome version that’s priced at $99.95.