Logitech releases MX Anywhere 3 mouse so you can work with precision on the go

Logitech has released the MX Anywhere 3 and MX Anywhere 3 for Mac – a compact and low-profile mouse for users who demand performance, portability and comfort wherever they need to work.

Tech Guide took a look at the MX Anywhere 3 for Mac which we have been using with our MacBook Pro.

The MX Anywhere 3 comes in pale grey, rose and graphite while the MX Anywhere 3 for Mac is only available in pale grey.

The mouse is contoured for the shape of your hand with silicon side grips to offer a softer touch.

What makes it so useful to use anywhere is its ability track on just about any surface including glass.

We used it with our laptop on the couch, on a tablecloth and even on a bed and the tracking was still accurate and responsive.

The mouse includes the MagSpeed wheel which allows you to scroll quietly up to 1000 lines per second but it can automatically shift between ratchet and hyperfast mode so you’re still getting remarkable precision despite the compact size.

The scroll wheel is made of machined steel to give a nice tactile feel.

You can also manually toggle between ratchet and free spin modes by clicking the mode shift button on top of the mouse behind the scroll wheel.

MX Anywhere 3 is ideal for creators, developers and editor who need to work on the go and still enjoy the precision and performance their larger desktop mouse provides.

Apert from the scroll wheel and left and right buttons, there are back and forward buttons which are easily accessible with your thumb.

MX Anywhere 3 is also customisable to work closely with numerous popular applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

MX Anywhere 3 for Mac naturally works better with Mac computers with default settings for macOS and it also works with the iPad through iPadOS.

On a full charge through the onboard USB-C port, the MX Anywhere 3 will run for up to 70 days and will work for up to three hours after just one minute of charge.

MX Anywhere 3 and MX Anywhere 3 for Mac are available now and are priced at $129.95.

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