How To Make Your Desktop or Laptop Sound 10x Better?

If you’re planning to have a movie night at home with your friends or family, what is the first thing that would come to your mind? Obviously, having the right setup for your movie night and testing if it is working fine or not.

Movie nights are all about having fun, creating memories, eating your favorite food, and spending time with the people you love. However, to make the night memorable, two things are important – the perfect movie and an immersive sound experience to stream the night away!

There are a few things that you can do to make your system sound better, like changing the audio settings, checking the sound settings for individual apps, switching audio between different output sources, and updating your audio drivers. However, if you have done all this and still aren’t satisfied with your system’s sound, you can use third-party apps as well. There are plenty of third-party apps like Boom 3D that you can install on your laptop for a realistic and immersive sound experience.

How Can You Make Your Laptop Sound 10x Better?

Boom 3D is an award-winning sound enhancement audio app designed to make your laptop or desktop sound 10x better. Using this app, you can not only boost your laptop’s audio but also add 3D effects to your headphones (connected to the laptop), it works on sound coming from any media player or a streaming service as well. Gone are the days of buying expensive headphones or loud speakers to make your movie nights more immersive and magical.

Impressive Features Offered by Boom 3D

Boom 3D is compatible with both MacOS (OS 10.14 or later) and Windows (10 and 11). The diverse audio enhancement app offers world-class features that will help tweak your system audio in a minute. Here are some of the diverse features offered by Boom 3D-

3D Surround Sound

We bet you didn’t know that Boom 3D comes packed with a patented 3D surround sound technology that will instantly boost your laptop sound and provide a virtually immersive surround sound on any headphones or speakers. The surround sound technology will instantly add more volume to the audio with its 3D technological innovations and let you enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Equalizer Presets

All thanks to the technological advancements these days, Boom 3D is outfitted with an advanced equalizer, allowing users to explore different audio frequency outputs. Users can experiment with different equalizer presets, or they also have the option to adjust the equalizer frequencies as per their preference manually. Boom 3D also has a library full of carefully crafted presets to suit your different audio moods.

Boom Volume Booster

The Boom volume booster feature from Boom 3D audio enhancer is only available for MacOS. It will enhance your system’s volume beyond traditional limits and deliver an intense audio-rich experience without compromising quality. The volume booster is a system-wide audio enhancer that changes the audio settings of your system rather than an app or a media player.

Apps Volume Controller

Do you prefer some apps to be muted when you are trying to enjoy a peaceful movie night? With Boom 3D’s inbuilt Apps Volume Controller, you can certainly to so. With the volumizer’s application level volume control, you can easily mute one app on your MacOS and keep the other on high volume. Honestly, an app that lets you control the volume without opening applications individually? What more could you ask for, if not this!

Advanced Audio Player

Are you tired of keeping track of multiple music players on your system? If you want a dedicated audio player that will easily manage all your favorite songs and albums under one roof, Boom 3D’s advanced audio player will easily come to your rescue. You can move all your favorite tracks into different playlists and dance to the amazing beats with sensational studio-quality sound!

Wrapping Up

In the comprehensive guide, we discussed the versatile features of Boom 3D in detail and discussed how the app can be helpful in making your system sound better. Besides what we discussed today, Boom 3D also has several other interesting features like multichannel audio support, 20K+ radio stations, Intensity sliders, wireless control, etc., that you can access within the audio enhancer.