Gen Z might be social media savvy but research shows most are digitally illiterate

Generation Z might be experts when it comes to creating a TikTok or using social media platforms but they struggle to use office-based software according to new research.

Known as “generation connected” or dot com kids, Generation Z have had technology their entire lives thanks to digital devices and social media.

But alarming new research from Koenig Solutions shows less than one in five (17 per cent) of Gen Z (18 -24) say they feel more confident using office-based software than social media.

This is the lowest of all the age brackets in the survey.

By 2025, these young social network experts will make up more than a quarter (27 per cent) of the workforce but there are real concerns these digital natives are actually digitally illiterate.

As the end of the school year approaches and students are looking to enter the workforce, HR and IT training specialists Chris Tzalabiras says job seekers should look to ways and improving their skills.

“The current job market is unlike anything I’ve seen before. With the recent switch to a very candidate focused market, jobseekers now have complete control, with some having at least five offers on the table,” Tzalabiras says.

“Despite there being a smorgasbord of selection, the grunt work comes with slotting into a new workspace seamlessly.

“We’re seeing young jobseekers come through with a base-line knowledge of office-based software, having simply added it to their resume with the skills they picked up in high school.

“I can’t stress enough how vital a Microsoft basics course is.”

Koenig solutions is a leading IT training organisation and offers online training courses for students seeking job seeker certifications.

“Microsoft certification courses are the backbone of any organisation,” Tzalabiras says.

“Without these products, individuals and enterprise teams can hardly perform their day-to-day activities.

“Learning on the job is not always the best approach when starting a new career.

“Obtaining qualifications and certifications ahead of said new path will mean recent recruits are not playing catch up.”

“Our hope for this course is that it will elevate Gen-Z’s confidence in their digital skills. An essential requirement if they are to pave the way into the future of Australia’s workforce.”

Students can enrol for IT courses online at

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