Disk Drill for Mac Makes It Possible to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From All Devices

Our digital lives are becoming more and more important, and the electronic devices on which they depend are increasingly complex and advanced.

As a result, the magnitude of the average data loss incident has never been greater. A single accidental deletion of an important folder or one accidentally formatted storage device can cause hundreds and thousands of irreplaceable files to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately for Mac users, there’s Disk Drill for Mac, a data recovery software application that makes it possible for anyone to recover permanently deleted files from all devices.

Complete Data Recovery Solution

Developed by CleverFiles, Disk Drill for Mac was introduced in 2010 to fill a major gap in the Apple software ecosystem. This gap was created by the unavailability of powerful yet intuitive data recovery software.

CleverFiles software developers have been tirelessly improving Disk Drill for Mac (and its Windows sibling) ever since. The latest version of the software is a complete data recovery solution that can quickly and reliably recover hundreds of file formats from all kinds of devices.

“Disk Drill comes with advanced scanning algorithms to identify and reconstruct deleted files in over 400 different file formats, including RAW photos, videos, and audio formats,” says Roman Kropachek, the CMO at CleverFiles.

First-Class User Experience

Disk Drill for Mac developers understand that ability to recover permanently deleted files from all devices is just one piece of the data recovery puzzle. Another equally important piece is user experience, and Disk Drill for Mac certainly doesn’t disappoint because it looks and feels just as polished as pre-installed Mac apps developed by Apple.

When you launch Disk Drill for Mac, you are presented with a well-organized list of available internal and external storage devices, and you can select any device you want with a simple click.

In addition to internal and external storage devices, including the SSDs and HDDs of T2 and M1/M2 Macs, USB flash drives, and memory cards, Disk Drill for Mac can recover permanently deleted files from Android and iOS devices, Time Machine backups, and disk images.

Because Disk Drill for Mac runs all recovery methods in the optimal order, it’s not necessary to change any settings to obtain the best recovery results possible in a short amount of time (depending on the speed and the size of the recovered storage device).

You can preview recoverable files even while Disk Drill for Mac is still scanning, and handy scan results filters go a long way in turning the massive pile of results you’re guaranteed to end up with into smaller, more organized bundles of files that are much easier to go through.

Disk Drill for Mac even helps users select a suitable recovery destination to prevent them from accidentally overwriting the same files they’re trying to recover. Because of how streamlined the user experience is, even casual Mac users can recover permanently deleted files from all devices with minimum effort required.

Data Loss Prevention and More

While some causes of data loss are difficult or even impossible to prevent (device theft is a good example), you can always minimize their consequences with basic data loss prevention best practices, such as the creation of backups.

Disk Drill for Mac users don’t need any other third-party software to prevent important files from disappearing forever because the application comes with multiple data protection tools.

Byte-to-Byte Backups

The byte-to-byte backup tool, for example, can create a complete backup of any storage device, which is useful not only for archiving purposes but also when recovering data from a failing device.

Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery

You can also activate Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery for real-time data loss prevention. The former saves the metadata (including their names and locations) of deleted files, while the latter saves complete copies of files sent to Trash.

S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring

Disk Drill for Mac can read S.M.A.R.T. data and alert you when a storage device shows early signs of failure. This way, it can give you enough time to back up all important data while there’s still time to do so.

Mac Cleaning Tools

Included with Disk Drill for Mac are valuable Mac cleaning tools, including a duplicate file finder and a disk space analyzer. You can use these tools to keep your storage devices organized so that you’re less likely to accidentally delete something important.

Privacy Tools

Sometimes, you want to do the exact opposite of data recovery: you want to delete a file in such a way so that it can never be recovered again. Disk Drill’s data shredder and free space eraser tools make it possible to do just that for free.

No-Risk Data Recovery

Disk Drill for Mac is a risk-free data recovery software application for two reasons. First, the application uses non-intrusive read-only algorithms. Second, you can preview as many files as you want for free before purchasing a license.

By previewing files using the free version of Disk Drill for Mac, you can verify their integrity and recoverability to know for sure that the PRO version of Disk Drill for Mac will be able to restore access to them.

A single Disk Drill PRO license costs $89.00, and you can add optional lifetime upgrades for just $29.00. The good news is that you can keep using Disk Drill PRO for as long as you want even without paying for optional lifetime upgrades—you just won’t have access to the latest version.

For more information about Disk Drill for Mac, visit the official website of the data recovery software or follow CleverFiles on Twitter.