Australians are a step closer to Digital ID – how will it work?

Australia is a step closer to Digital ID after the bill passed through the Senate this week – it is a voluntary verification service that piggy backs the myGovID system.

Digital ID would become a source for companies to prove customers who they are without having to share personal information to each of these individual companies to store in their own servers.

We’ve already seen serious data breaches where this personal data stored on company servers was compromised.

Digital ID, which is now heading to the House of Representatives for approval – is designed to not only make it easier for Australians to prove who they are but to minimise need to share the same information to several companies which increased the chance of our personally identifiable information falling into the wrong hands.

Digital ID will build on the existing myGovID platform which is already being used regularly by millions of Australians.

So instead of sending off your data, Digital ID allows the customer to use myGovID to confirm their identity.

Companies will be able to apply for accreditation to access the system and obey strict rules to protect our privacy.

Digital ID has been in development for years but with the rise in online scams and data breaches it is a step towards safeguarding our data and reduce the increasing risks of identity theft and fraud.

The new initiative will be voluntary and customers can choose to opt in.