Apple updates MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and offers special student pricing

Apple has updated its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with new and updated features including more powerful processors for a noticeably improved performance.

There is also special pricing for university students with the MacBook Air already the most popular laptop among students.

But Apple has also quietly discontinued the 12-inch MacBook – the smallest laptop in the Apple range.

The thin and light MacBook Air has been updated with True Tone to its Retina display for a more consistent and natural viewing experience.

The new MacBook Air

True Tone adjusts the colour temperature on the 13-inch display depending on light conditions and the content being viewed.

The new entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro now includes the latest quad core processors which offer performance twice as fast as the previous model as well as a True Tone retina display.

Also onboard is a new keyboard with the butterfly mechanism which offers four times more key stability.

All 13-inch MacBook Pro models now also include the Touch Bar and Touch ID as well as the Apple T2 Security Chip to make the laptop even more secure.

The 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro

In the coming months the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro can also be updated for free with macOS Catalina which will bring powerful new features to the products.

The MacBook Air will be priced from $1,699 and from $1,549 for university students.

The MacBook Pro will start at $1,999 and at $1849 for students.