Companies reveal Alexa skills after Amazon’s Australian launch announcement

With the announcement of Amazon’s Alexa and Echo products arriving in Australia next month, there have been a stampede of companies revealing their compatibility with the voice-powered service.

No sooner had the news came through that Amazon’s Alexa will be available in early February through its Echo range of devices, we found out about all the information and services from various companies which will be accessible through the platform.

Here are the companies who have announced Alexa-powered skills:


The country’s largest local services marketplace will allow customers to use their voice to take care of things.

Users will say “Alexa, open Airtasker” and either post a job or find someone to complete their task.


Customers using the Telstra Smart Home service will be able to integrate Amazon’s Echo into their household.

This will allow users to add their connected lights, thermostats and smart power plugs to the Amazon’s Echo for Alexa to control.


Amaysim has launched a new skill for Alexa so customers can access account services like balance checks and data top ups.

Now Amaysim account management for customers is even easier and it’s all done using their voice.


Hipages is a platform designed to make it easier to find qualified and trusted tradie and it has launched a new Alexa skill.

Users can ask Alexa to find a tradie by name (for example, Alexa find me a plumber) and say where the work needs to be carried out and leave a contact number.


Australian energy retailer Energy Australia will also work with Alexa with customers able to ask to check and manage their electricity and gas accounts.

Users can simply ask: “Alexa ask Energy Australia when is my account due?” or “Alexa, ask Energy Australia how much is my latest bill?”


Westpac has brought digital banking to Alexa so customers can use their voice to find out how much money they have in their account.

Users will also be able to access a Westpac financial markets update via a flash briefing through Alexa as well.


NAB customers can connect to their account through Amazon’s Alexa to check account balances, how much they owe on their credit card and to check if they got paid that week.

The skill can be enabled simply by saying “Alexa, enable NAB skill”.

Customers have yet another way of placing their Domino’s Pizza order simply by asking Alexa.

The quick order information Domino’s customers have stored in the app – usually a favourite pizza – will now be accessible through Alexa to get the order started even faster and without using the app or logging in on a computer.