Tesla removes St Leonards Superchargers – leaving just one Supercharger site in Sydney

Tesla has closed its St Leonards service centre and removed the six Superchargers at that site which leaves only one Supercharger location for Sydney Tesla drivers to use.

The six St Leonards superchargers were removed in early February which means the eight stations located in the Broadway shopping centre are the only ones available to Tesla drivers in the greater Sydney area.

Tesla says a new Supercharger will open in the first half of 2020 in the lower north shore.

Tesla Broadway Superchargers

Tesla did announce late last year that the St Leonards would be closing with this statement:

“Our existing Tesla location in St Leonards is closing ahead of a new site opening on the Lower North Shore in the first half of 2020.

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“Remaining service appointments at St Leonards are available until December 20 and may be requested through the Tesla app. Onsite Supercharger stations will be accessible until January 31.

After December 20, you can continue to schedule appointments with Mobile Service in your area through the Tesla app for a technician to come to you. Mobile Service can complete most repairs outside of a Service Centre, but in the event that your car requires a shop visit, our Service team is ready to welcome you at Alexandria.”

There were initial plans to install six Superchargers at the Tesla service centre in Alexandria but Tech Guide was told by a source that this decision was reversed because of the fear the stations would be hogged by Teslas that are also hire cars because of their close proximity to the airport.

Now with the release of the Tesla Model 3 there is even more demand for Supercharging stations.

Drivers can charge their Tesla vehicles at home after installing a wall charger or use one of the many destination chargers.

But these chargers can take hours to fully charge the Tesla battery while a Supercharger can take as little as 45 minutes.

Tesla is also rolling out the latest V3 Superchargers which can cut that charging time down even further.

V3 Superchargers uses completely new architecture and supports peak rates of 250kW per car which means it could add 120km of range in just five minutes and 1,600km range in an hour.

Hopefully the new Superchargers coming to Sydney’s lower north shore this year will support V3 Supercharging.

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