Polestar unveils sleek and luxurious fully-electric SUV with cutting edge technology

Polestar has revealed its first fully electric SUV – the Polestar 3 – a sleek five-seater which produces up to 380kW and includes a luxurious and high-tech interior.

Polestar 3 has a stunning aerodynamic profile with a powerful and wide stance and features an aero wing integrated into the bonnet and an aero wing integrated into the rear spoiler.

“Polestar 3 is a powerful electric SUV that appeals to the senses with a distinct, Scandinavian design and excellent driving dynamics,” says Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. “It takes our manufacturing footprint to the next level, bringing Polestar production to the United States.

“We are proud and excited to expand our portfolio as we continue our rapid growth.”

“This car has been designed as a Polestar from the start and features new defining characteristics for us – like the dual blade headlights, SmartZone and front aero wing.”

The Polestar 3 has been built with premium aesthetics and luxurious features while also maintaining its sustainability credentials.

It has bio-attributed MicroTech, animal welfare-certified leather as well as fully traceable wool upholsteries.

When production begins on Polestar 3 there will also be a complete lifecycle assessment and subsequent assessments to follow through its lifecycle to find ways of reducing its carbon footprint.

This is the company’s first car to include centralised computing with NVIDIA Drive core computer that’s running the same software found in Volvo’s cars.

The NVIDIA system serves as the AI brain and provides high performance data processing through the car’s multiple sensors and cameras to enable advanced driver assistance safety features along with driver monitoring.

The Polestar 3’s infotainment system is powered by the Snapdragon Cockpit Platform from Qualcomm Technologies and offers a comprehensive set of open and scalable cloud connected automotive platforms.

These will include an immersive in-vehicle experience through high-definition displays, quality surround sound and connectivity.

Polestar 3 has inherited some of the advanced active and passive safety technology from sister company Volvo including interior radar sensors that can detect submillimeter movements in the interior of the car which prevents accidentally leaving children or pets inside.

Also on board is ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) which taps into the centralised computing power.

The Polestar 3 has five radar modules, five external cameras and 12 external ultrasonic sensors which all work together to support the advanced safety features.

Inside two driver monitoring cameras using advanced eye tracking technology from Smart Eye to detect a distracted, drowsy or disconnected driver.

The in-car operating system is powered by the Android Automotive OS and can be accessed from the 14.5-inch centre display.

The vehicle will receive regular over the air updates for continuous software improvements and new features without the need to visit a service centre.

Polestar 3 will launch with the dual motor configuration to produce a total of 360 kW and 840 Nm of torque.

There is a Performance Pack which takes total output to 380 kW and 910 Nm.

The 111 kWh battery pack means Polestar 3 has a generous driving range of 610 kilometres on a single charge.

The Polestar 3 will also have bi-directional charging which will allow drivers to transfer power from the vehicle to their home as well as offering regular plug and charge capabilities.

All versions of Polestar 3 include air suspension, a full-length panoramic glass roof, all LED lighting inside and out, retractable door handles with proximity sensors and 21-inch alloy wheels.

Pilot Pack and Plus Pack are included as standard and include a 25-speaker audio system from Bowers & Wilkins with 3D surround sound Dolby Atmos, soft closing doors a head-up display and pilot assist.

From the second quarter of 2023, Pilot Pack with LIDAR will take advantage of the multiple cameras and sensors on board and provide real-time data about the cars surroundings and prepare the car for autonomous driving.

The Polestar 3 Long Range Dual Motor will be available with a launch price of around $135,000.

Australian customers can register their interest at https://www.polestar.com/au/polestar-3/