Prometheus Blu-ray Disc will answer all of your questions

A lot of people were scratching their heads when they saw the Alien-prequel Prometheus in cinemas but next week’s Blu-ray Disc release will go a long way to fill in the gaps.

Billed as an Alien prequel, Prometheus takes the audience back to the time before the events of the original Alien film.

But the film introduces an entirely new take on not only the origin of the aliens but also on the origins of the human race.

The Prometheus Blu-ray Disc has more than seven hours of extra features including a number of deleted scenes that shed a whole new light on the film.

Director Ridley Scott has publicly stated that the movie released in cinemas was his directors cut so don’t expect an all-new version of the film on Blu-ray.

Tech Guide was given a special briefing about the extra features which will be included on the Prometheus Blu-ray Disc and viewed the deleted scenes which will answer a number of burning questions.

The extras also include an anternate beginning and alternate ending.

Without giving too much away, these deleted scenes provide a fuller explanation of the Engineers’ motives in the film along with information about where they came from and what their world was like

Also on the disc is a three-hour documentary about the making of Prometheus that takes viewers from concept to completion of the film.

Prometheus will be available on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on October 17.

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