Christian Bale the top choice to play Steve Jobs in biopic

Oscar-winning actor and Batman star Christian Bale has reportedly been chosen to play the role of Steve Jobs in a biopic written by Aaron Sorkin.

According TheWrap, Bale was director David Fincher’s choice to play the role of Steve Jobs in the film being produced by Sony Studios and based on the official biography written by Walter Isaacson.

Fincher and Sorkin have previously teamed up in a tech-related project with The Social Network which told the controversial story Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook.

Sorkin went on to win the Oscar for best adapted screenplay.

TheWrap says Fincher told Sony Studios he would only direct the Steve Jobs film if Christian Bale was cast in the lead role.

Bale has proven himself to be a most versatile actor who has played numerous parts that required him to lose weight, gain weight and change his physical appearance quite dramatically.

He is best known for his work at Batman in the Christopher Nolan-directed Dark Knight trilogy of films.

Bale does bear a decent likeness to Jobs and actually won his Oscar for playing a real person – boxer Dicky Eklund – in The Fighter.

Most recently he was nominated for his role in American Hustle where he played a dodgy overweight business man with a hideous comb-over.

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