Australia’s Inamo reveals the world’s first contactless payment sunglasses

Australians have embraced tap and go contactless payments on average more than any other country so it makes sense we’ve created the latest way to pay – with our sunglasses.

Australian start-up Inamo unveiled WaveShades – the new contactless payment sunglasses at the South by Southwest (SXSW) alongside global payments giant Visa.

Inamo came up with the idea for the sunglasses and provided the NFC (near field communication) chip.

Inamo founder Peter Colbert, a former agent to many international surfing stars and an avid surfer himself, thought of the contactless payment sunglasses after a surf with his friends in Manly.

“It was my turn to pay for a round of coffees with friends and I realised I didn’t have any wallet or cash to pay,” Colbert said.

Inamo’s Peter Colbert with the WaveShades

“I had a light bulb moment and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if I could go surfing, even go for a run or bike ride and not have to carry my wallet or mobile phone’.”

“Given that Australia is world-renowned for its beaches and surfing culture, it only makes sense that we are the leaders when it comes to inventing wearable, waterproof technology that does away with cash, cards and wallets.”

From there, Colbert developed the Inamo Curl – a product Tech Guide has been using – a waterproof payment wearable than you can strap on to a watch, fitness band or keyring.

Inside the Inamo Curl is what looks like a SIM card which powers the contact payment process and links your account to make the payment.

It was this product that inspired the WaveShades and it is embedded with a similar chip to the one created for the Inamo Curl in the arm of the sunglasses.

“I’m really proud as an Aussie startup that Visa chose our payment platform to promote their WaveShades sunglasses at such a prestigious event like SXSW,” Colbert said.

The Inamo Curl contactless payment chip

“Using Inamo’s technology in sunglasses is a logical extension of our mission to move people’s wallets to a variety of wearables that suit their lifestyle.”

The Inamo Curl is a handy way to pay for anything at a contactless payment terminal like you would with your card, smartphone or smartwatch.

The Inamo Curl can be attached to your watch or wearable and used to pay for your coffee, snacks, drinks or lunch without the need to have your phone or wallet with you.

You can attach the Inamo Curl to your watch or wearable

You could go for a swim with the Inamo Curl, walk straight out of the surf and straight into a coffee shop to pay for your coffee.

Once you set up an account they will send you the Inamo Curl and chip and you are able to add money and receive a low balance warning when it goes down to $10 so you’re not caught when you try it to pay for your coffee.


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