Australian-made SpaceTalk smartphone watch for kids is about to go on sale

SpaceTalk – an Australian designed and developed smartphone watch for kids to help parents keep in touch with their children – is about to go on sale through select Telstra stores.

SpaceTalk was created by an Adelaide-based technology company MGM Wireless and allows parents to keep in touch with their child through calls and SMS and also has built-in GPS tracking so they can see their child’s location at all times.

The device can also send alerts to parents when their child leaves a designated area like a school or their home.

The child wearing the SpaceTalk smartphone watch can choose to make and receive calls from a list of contacts in the AllMyTribe app.

And if the child needs help, there’s a built-in SOS alert function which can be set to automatically contact a parent or guardian.

The product also includes a step counter to keep track of the child’s activities.

SpaceTalk is an ideal product for children who may be too young to handle the responsibility of a smartphone.

It also protects them from viewing unsuitable content on social media and the internet.

The product will be offered for the first time to Australian customers through selected Telstra stores in Victoria with the possibility of being offered nationally in the near future.

“Parents say they love the ability to keep in contact with their children by voice call and SMS, on a device that doesn’t give their children access to social media apps like Facebook, YouTube and other Internet content that might be unsafe or unsuitable for children,” said MGM Wireless co-founder, chairman and CEO Mark Fortunatow.

“SpaceTalk is considered by industry experts to be the best kids’ smartphone watch available globally. It’s great to be able to have it available to parents at participating Telstra Shops.”

Pricing for the SpaceTalk smartphone watch has yet to be announced.