We take a look inside the Sennheiser store in Sydney

Sennheiser has a 75-year history in creating audio products that help shape the industry and the company tells this story in its dedicated store in the Sydney CBD which offers a complete brand experience.

The store is actually built inside a heritage-listed former Commonwealth Bank building which used to be known as the “Money Box”.

Tech Guide took a tour of the store which offers a complete overview of Sennheiser’s portfolio under one roof.

The Sennheiser store is a shell inside the majestic building which leaves room for grand high ceilings and columns so, like the brand itself, it shows both history and innovation in one place.

Customers have the opportunity to visit the store to experience any or all of its products front the cheapest headphones all the way up to the world best’s audiophile system and headphones.

There are also professional products like a range of microphones and other recording equipment for everyone from podcasters all the way to broadcast professionals.

As soon as you walk in the store, customers will see the most popular products – headphones at all price points.

The products are arranged in a way for customers to easily see the range of options and prices available and also understand the differences and why one may cost more than the item next to it.

Sennheiser doesn’t just want to sell a product, it also wants to tell a story and showcase the technology and innovation that went into it that justifies the price and design.

One of the first products you’ll see is the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless active noise cancellation headphones ($599) which has a Tile tracker built in so you can locate them if they are misplaced.

There’s also more affordable options like the Sennheiser HD 450BT noise cancelling headphones ($299) and the regular HD 350BT headphones ($199).

But for audiophiles there is another listening section that allows customers to experience pro-level headphones and amplifiers that take experience to the next level.

Yes, they cost a lot more but they deliver such amazing quality.

Sennheiser says not all of its customers are wealthy but one thing they all have in common is a deep appreciation of audio quality that they are willing to pay for.

The store allows anyone to walk in off the street to sit down and enjoy music and they can even bring in their own songs to hear on the amazing range of headphones.

Another section of the Sennheiser store has been set up for customers to enjoy the AMBEO sound bar which we have reviewed – it sounds amazing.

Sennheiser has poured all of it audio innovation into delivering an incredible sound performance to go with your big screen TV.

It has an immersive 5.1.4 speaker set up to deliver 3D Dolby Atmos surround sound and audio upscaling technology.

And you can experience this for yourself in the Sennheiser store – and you can even bring your favourite movie with you so you can enjoy it like never before.

You can also listen to the Sennheiser HE1 – the world’s best headphone and audio system valued at a cool $89,900.

You do need to make an appointment to hear the HE1 – and don’t worry, there is no expectation for you to whip out your chequebook.

The Sennheiser store is located at Shop 4/120 Pitt St Sydney.

* Stephen Fenech took part in the Sennheiser store tour as part of a paid partnership to record an episode of the Two Blokes Talking Tech podcast with Trevor Long from EFTM.

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