New Ion Audio products merge music and tech

If you’re musically-inclined and own an iPad, then Ion Audio has a range of products for you. Users can play the guitar, the drums, the piano or rock it as a DJ.

These products were designed to bridge the gap between traditional instruments and cutting edge technology whether you’re a beginner or want to transform your whole experience.

Guitar Apprentice, iDJ 2 GO, Drum Apprentice and Piano Master are the latest products from Ion Audio that can bring your love of music into the 21st century.

 Guitar Apprentice is a full sized electric guitar with a difference.

This controller has a fitted holder for the iPad and, with the companion app, transforms the tablet’s screen to your six playable strings.

Users can strum the strings together or pluck them individually and the 14 fretboard buttons makes it possible to play thousands of songs.

Guitar Apprentice makes it easier than ever to learn to play by following lighted LEDs on the guitar’s neck and instructions on the screen.

The device requires no cables or external connections so it can be played anywhere.

Guitar Apprentice works with the original iPad and the iPad 2 and is also compatible with other popular iPad apps including GarageBand.

iDJ 2 GO is the easiest way to learn the skills to become a DJ with the help of your iPad and the device’s compact and portable controller.

Harnessing the processing power of the iPad, iDJ 2 GO allows users to DJ anywhere using the music from their own iTunes music library.

iDJ 2 GO recreates the two decks and mixer set-up so you can mix, scratch and perform like a world-famous DJ.

The iDJ 2 GO can also be used with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Ion Audio’s Drum Apprentice certainly lives up to its name and features a drum learning system that lights each drum as you go.

The system connects to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and comes with a free downloadable app to teach you the basics.

Drum Apprentice can be played on its own without an iProduct connected to it and features built-in speakers and realistic pads for a great sound.

Piano Master is an impressive teaching tool for the iPad. Users can download the free Piano Master app and be playing within minutes.

The 49-key piano learning station has a lighted keyboard with full size touch-sensitive keys which make it easy to follow and learn.

The built-in stereo speakers provide an authentic piano sound while the free app teaches players how to read real music notation.

Piano Master is Core MIDI compliant which means it will work with other popular music iPad apps including GarageBand.

There’s also a headphone jack for those who want to do some quiet practice.

The range of Ion Audio products will be available in March with pricing to be announced closer to the release date.

These products are distrubuted in Australia and New Zealand by iWorld Australia.

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