Colour your life – Apple’s HomePod Mini now available in yellow, orange and blue

Now you can add a bit of colour to your life after Apple released the HomePod Mini in brand new colours yellow, orange and blue to match your decor and style while still delivering high quality audio.

Priced at $149, the HomePod Mini packs in a big sound for a speaker of its size and uses computational audio to provide an impressive acoustic experience.

And because of its shape it delivers a rich 360-degree audio, so it sounds good from every angle.


If you have multiple HomePod Mini speakers, it’s possible to set them up throughout your house and either play a different song in every room or pair them all together for one big audio experience.

And now with these new colours they can match your home stylings and your personality.

The new colours are striking and will appeal to customers who prefer something a little brighter than space grey or white.

The yellow, orange and blue HomePod Minis Colours are quite rich and will make a bold addition to your home.

HomePod Mini works with Apple Music, Apple Podcasts and thousands of other radio stations including the award-winning Apple Music 1 station as well as other popular music services like iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

And thanks to the intelligence of Siri, HomePod Mini can recognise the voices of up to six different household members and tailor music and podcasts to suit their preferences as well as responding to their personal requests.

Siri can also give you a quick snapshot of your day.

Simply ask “Hey Siri, what’s my update” and you’ll hear the latest news, weather, traffic, reminders and calendar appointments.

And if you have smart devices in your home, HomePod Mini allows you to control them with simple voice commands for Siri so you can do things like turn off lights, change the temperature, lock doors, activate smart switches, set a scene or even control devices at specific times.

HomePod Mini also has a feature called Intercom which allows users to send a voice message from one HomePod Mini to another even if it’s in a different room or multiple rooms throughout the home.

Intercom also works with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and CarPlay so everyone in the home can get the notifications and send messages.

Apple’s HomePod Mini is available now in grey, white and the new colours – yellow, orange and blue – and is priced at $149.

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