Why the SkinVision app has the potential to save your life

There aren’t many apps that have the potential to save your life but the SkinVision app that can help users check themselves for melanoma and skin cancer symptoms, can certainly make that claim.

SkinVision, available for iPhone and Samsung Android smartphones, was developed in Europe and has been certified for use in Australia.

It allows users to take photos of their moles and track any changes over time.

SkinVision uses a unique scientifically proven algorithm to analyse the lesions you’ve photographed using fractal geometry.


This is the first app in the world to offer online assessment with the app and determine and non-natural growth of pigmented moles.

The user is then given a risk rating to help select the moles that need to be tracked.

SkinVision can help you track your moles over time

The app’s formula calculates the fractal dimension of skin lesions and surrounding skin tissue to reveal the different growth patterns of the tissues for the melanoma risk analysis.

And it does this with a remarkable 83 per cent accuracy.

SkinVision is designed to complement regular visits a GP or dermatologist and the app makes it easy to share your personal gallery with your doctor.

The app also used a special algorithm to analyse the mole

In Australia, two in three will be diagnosed with a skin cancer by age 70. Skin cancers account for 80 per cent of all new cancers detected each year.

As a special offer for Skin Cancer Action Week which runs until November 21, users can download the SkinVision app and receive a year’s free subscription which usually costs $38.









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