Vodafone’s MyMix pre-paid mobile plans can be personalised to suit your needs

Vodafone today unveiled MyMix – a new pre-paid mobile plan which can be personalised to suit your needs. You can choose the level of inclusions so you get exactly what you want.

Customers who purchase a Vodafone SIM can access an innovative interface within the MyVodafone application which presents a range of variable options to choose from like data, local and international calls and the expiry period.

And as changes are made to the set-up, the price of the plan at the bottom of the screen changes.

In the MyMix set-up page, customers can choose the amount of data they want starting as little as 500MB and all the way up to 8GB.

Next is the calling options with either 120 minutes of calls or unlimited calls along with your choice of international calls if you need them.

Lastly is the choice for the expiry period from as little as seven days all the way up to 90 days.

There are 72 possible combinations for the MyMix pre-paid plan and it can be adjusted every time you recharge the plan.

“We’ve set out to address one of the biggest pain points facing telco customers in Australia today, which is wasting good money on inclusions they don’t use,” said Ms Loo Fun Chee Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“The industry status quo dictates that people must settle for pre-packaged plans which have been designed to appeal to a broad range of people.

“With MyMix, prepaid customers can now decide for themselves the amount of inclusions they want and create a plan to fit their needs and lifestyle.”

This plan is designed for use in Australia only and offers flexibility for users who have certain needs and changing needs.

Customer who want to take up the MyMix pre-paid plans with Vodafone can also port their existing mobile number to enjoy the service.

For example, if a person makes a lot of phone calls and doesn’t use much data, they can tailor their plan to reflect that.

In fact, a big talker can get a plan with the option of infinite talk and texts with a 90-day expiry for $60.

On the other hand, a heavy data user who hardly makes any calls can opt for more data and 120 minutes of calls instead of unlimited.

This big data user can go for a plan with 8GB data with trimmed local and international calls with a 28-day expiry for $50.

For a limited time, anyone who selects 2GB of data or higher will receive bonus data when they activate or recharge a Vodafone MyMix Starter Pack.

“MyMix personifies what our company stands for: to give Australians more choice and freedom to connect how they want,” said Ms Chee.

“And this is something we are working hard to deliver through all our products and services.

“By nature, the telco industry is an increasingly complex environment and one of the key reasons why I believe Australians are so apathetic about their service provider.

“The industry has a long history of making things unnecessarily complicated and confusing.

“At the heart of MyMix’s design is a commitment to simplicity: push four buttons on your smartphone to get the recharge combination you want.

“Simplicity is definitely a highlight of MyMix, and a great example of how Vodafone is evolving and willing to break away from the rest.”







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