Netflix unveils revamped interface to help viewers discover new content

Netflix has given its TV interface a makeover to make the experience easier to navigate and even more intuitive so the viewer can find the content they are looking for.

One of the reasons for the redesign came through customer feedback including the fact that modern TV remote controls now have fewer buttons.

And while viewers may not know what they want to watch, they do know if they’re in the mood for a movie or a quick episode of a series.

As a result of this update, users will find it easier to search and view new content that is added to the service and also have faster access to the titles they have saved for later viewing in “My List”.

The new Netflix interface includes a side navigation bar which makes it faster to search for a series or movie along with a shortcut to all the new content which has just been added to the service.

“At Netflix, we are constantly asking ourselves what can we do to make it even easier for our members to spend less time browsing and more time discovering stories they will love,” said Stephen Garcia, Netflix director of product innovation.

“We realize that there are so many great stories on the service, and that sometimes our members need a little bit of help figuring out where to start.

“That is why we are incredibly excited to unveil a new design for our TV experience that will begin rolling out to members all over the world today.

“The new interface was based on rigorous research and testing around how we can make it easier to find titles on TVs, where navigation can feel a bit tougher when you are restricted to just a few buttons on a remote control.”

“It is also far simpler to start browsing with either a series or movie; our research has shown us that while a member generally isn’t sure what exact title they want to watch, they have a pretty good sense of whether they are in the mood for a quick series episode or a longer movie experience.

“We’ve also made it easier to access titles you’ve saved for later viewing in My List. In our testing of this new interface, we saw that that this simpler design helped members find something great to watch.”

Netflix says it will continuously learn from its members and evolve the TV experience so that it gets even more simple, fun and easy for customers to find the stories they enjoy.

This new design is one of many improvements Netflix will be rolling out over the coming months.

This new Netflix interface will start rolling out worldwide today.

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