How you can earn free extra mobile data and phone credit with Lebara Mobile

Our mobile data usage is increasing by 70 per cent every year so we’re always on the lookout for more and Lebara Mobile has come up with a new way to offer customers extra data for free.

Thanks to world-first Australian technology, Lebara customers will be able to top up their data and phone credit without paying anything extra.

The new plan Lebara Plus, which uses the Vodafone network, allows customers to earn an extra 2GB per month by occasionally viewing advertisements and special offers when they unlock their phone.

These ads and deals are seen every third time the user unlocks their smartphone.

And there is no time limit for viewing the ads – they can be closed right away if the user is in a hurry.

“Many Lebara customers, who are heavy data users, will typically top up their data allowance half-way through the month,” said Lebara Mobile Australia commercial director Michael Baxter.

“Lebara Plus will give our customers in Australia the option of earning free credit or data, in return for targeted advertising.”

The service is currently only available to Android users who account for 65 per cent of Lebara customers. Users need to install an app on their device to access the service.

At the moment one in five Lebara users buy extra data on top of their monthly plan with an additional 1GB costing about $10.

Lebara Plus is available now for customers once per month if they spend more than $20 a month to earn an additional 2GB.

Extra phone credit can also be earned from November 7.

The technology was created by Melbourne company Unlockd and will be introduced in the US in 2016.

“We are excited to help Lebara Mobile blaze a trail for Australian phone companies and help consumers get more out of their mobile plans,” said Unlockd CEO Matt Berriman.

“Australian customers have the first chance to use this technology, but by next year it will be available around the globe.”




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