Buy your smoothie with SmartBottle and you can leave your wallet at home

We’ve already seen its SmartCup but Australian innovation company Frank Green has come up with a new product – the SmartBottle  – that is environmentally-friendly and functional.

Like SmartCup, the SmartBottle has a chip embedded in the lid to allow users to pay for their juice or smoothie with a single swipe.

The reusable product taps into the CafePay system that allows customers to bill their purchases from participating cafes and restaurants to their credit card.

The SmartBottle has a sleek design and can easily fit into a handbag, a backpack, the bottle holder on your bike and the cup holder in your car.

SmartBottle can handle hot or cold beverages and has a patented design to keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold.

Next year, SmartBottle will become even smarter through an app that ensures users stay healthy and drink the optimum amount of water each day.

“At Frank Green, we’re style focused and lifestyle orientated. We have a track record of revolutionising the form and function of everyday products so they meet the modern day needs of Australians,” says company founder Benjamin Young.

“Our products fit seamlessly into the lives of their user and enhance their daily routine – whether visiting a café, going for a jog or a bike ride.”



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