How Apps Are Changing the Business Management Landscape

There are some things about management that never change. You need to inspire your people to go above and beyond the call of duty and truly perform for the business. Sometimes, you’ll need to discipline and manage the performance of employees that need it.

And you’ll need to keep your own boss happy, even if that’s the board of directors or your shareholders. With that said, there are other aspects of management that are best left behind in the twentieth century – including outdated business practices and ways of working. So, let’s spend a little time taking a look at how apps (that’s applications, for computers, phones and tablets) are changing the business management landscape.

Rostering Software

Hand-written rosters, or even spreadsheet rosters, are now a thing of the past — thanks to the availability of nifty new rostering software in Australia. Apps like this can keep track of employee availability, outline weekly, fortnightly or monthly rosters, populate them based on staff preferences, and send out notifications of shifts to staff. Gone are the days of texting or calling your team to let them know when they’re working. Now, you can just sit back and focus on more important tasks while a neat app does the hard yards for you.

These apps can even build in rostered break times, so your company stays compliant with modern awards and enterprise-level bargaining agreements. They work across platforms too, so they’ll adapt to your companies IT system — whether it’s PC, Mac, Android or iPhone/iPad, you’re covered.

Project Management

Projects are tricky things to get across the finish line — they require work from multiple stakeholders, and need to be completed on time, to budget and usually with a product, service, result or other outcome at the end. There are a wealth of project management apps on the market for you to choose from — here’s a useful list and comparison for your information.

Recruitment, Onboarding and Retention

The days of putting out a newspaper advertisement to recruit someone to that shiny new role are almost gone — although there are some who say there’s still an argument for old-fashioned print ads. There are reasonably priced recruitment apps that can manage the entire recruitment process for you, from advertisement through to onboarding. The same apps can be used for staff to apply for internal promotions within the company — keeping valued staff within the fold.

HR and Contracts

Are you still filing away employee contracts in an actual filing cabinet? If so, we’ve got some news for you — there’s a few apps that can manage all your HR functions like contracts, variations, and keeping track of salaries and award rates.

These apps help your HR people immensely, and free up their time to do what they do best — assisting the company with disputes, performance reviews and investigations. There’s a few that stand out from the crowd, but here’s a list of 52, just in case you were interested.

A Confident Conclusion

There’s a lot to be said for old-fashioned management, and there are some parts of the job that will never change. But technology can make life heaps easier for managers, and apps are the pathway to this easier, breezier life. Rostering software can help you to manage your teams, and make sure that people are on deck at the right time and in the right place to get the job done properly.

Project management can be made a lot easier with the right app, and recruitment, on-boarding and retention can all be simplified and streamlined with the right app. Finally, invest in a decent HR app and your people will thank you!

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